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Hi everyone, I am missing seeing your little faces!

I have popped some Easter activities on here today, which you could pick from. Thought it might keep you busy, but also get you excited for Easter. I am!

Parents, if you ask your child to draw several Easter eggs, if you have any coloured paper use that, but if not you could get them to just draw the eggs and colour them in.

This would also help with the development of your child’s fine motor skills.(cutting particularly)

Once your child has several eggs created, draw them different lines across the eggs like in the picture, and ask your child to use scissors to cut them following the line to create two halves. (use scissors under supervision)

These eggs could then be used for a maths activity too by simply adding dots on one half of the egg, and the corresponding number on the other. (e.g. 11 dots and number 11) Then mix them all up and ask your child to count the dots on them and find the right numbers to match.

Why not get the paint out, if you have some? Create Easter eggs like the ones in the picture below. You could get your child to cut them out to create Easter cards or join them together with string to create some Easter bunting to hang read for Easter Sunday.

Here is something to develop their ICT skills, but also their creativity. Decorate your own eggs online.



You could have a go at this Easter online word search too.



I have attached some Easter egg hunt clues, which you could either print off (if you can) or copy them down for an Easter hunt on Sunday.


Have fun, and I will be touch again soon.

Love Mrs Marriott x


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