Destination Greenlands Park

We have been helping out Alex from our story ‘Dragon Post’ today. He needed somewhere to take his dragon out to fly once a day. We thought Greenlands park would be just the right place to do this!

We decided he needed a map to get there, as he didn’t know his way around North Anston. To help us draw a map for Alex, we talked about what maps and what these are used for. We then looked at different signs and symbols we could use when drawing our maps.  After this, we decided it would be a good idea if we walked to Greenlands park, taking photos of the route as we went, as we could then use these when back at school.

When we arrived at Greenlands park we set about testing the space out. We all pretended to be a dragon.

We then went back to school and created our maps, using our photos to help us remember our route.

We did a GREAT job! Here are some of our maps, which we will be passing on to the book character Alex.


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