Chaffinches learn about keeping healthy teeth



Nicola and Laura, two dental nurses from Dinnington, visited Chaffinches’ class to talk to us all about keeping our teeth healthy as part of our topic this term. They taught us so many new things and also reminded us of the importance of keeping healthy teeth. They talked to us about the changes that are happening to our teeth right now because we are seven years old. We are losing our milk teeth or “deciduous” teeth to make way for our adult teeth.

They showed us how to properly clean our teeth using an enormous model and they shared some photographs of what happens to teeth if we don’t look after them.

They played a game with us where we had to decide which foods and drinks were good for teeth and which were bad. We were shocked to find out that orange juice is bad for our teeth because it has too much acid and that flavoured water is also bad because it has more sugar in it than a fizzy drink!

When they left our class, they gave us all a useful “goody bag” with games to play, stickers, toothpaste and a special egg timer that shows us when two minutes have finished, which is how long we should brush our teeth for. We really enjoyed their visit and learnt so many new things.

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