Chaffinches – 15th June

Hi Chaffinches,


I hope you are all well.  It has been lovely to speak to many of you and find out what you’ve been up to.  If I haven’t called you yet then I will do this week 🙂

Please keep using the Active Learn for reading and some grammar and spelling work, and use Oak Academy as it has some great lessons and fun things to make to help your learning.  BBC Bitesize, The Maths Factor and White Rose Maths have some great maths lessons and learning for you to do.

Some worksheets can also be found on the following link.



If you’ve not had a chance to do a virtual tour of a museum yet, then I recommend for you to ‘visit’ The British Museum and look at the Ancient Egypt gallery.

and also

Find out what you can there about Ancient Egypt and what life was like then.  Research the gods, Pharaohs, pyramids and other wonders that were built and are still there.  You could do a project about Ancient Egypt – it really is a fascinating topic.  You can include sketches or models of artifacts such as a sarcophagus, or of a god or goddess, or a monument such as a pyramid or the Sphinx.  Learn about what life what like for the Egyptians; what food they ate, jobs they did, games they played, what they believed in, and what hieroglyphics are, etc.

Don’t forget you can also read to me: have it videod and send it me.  I miss hearing you read and so this would be a lovely way for me to hear you.

Here are some photos that I’ve been sent of some home-learning that’s been happening.  Well done to those that are working hard!


Please keep me posted about the progress of your sunflowers.

Take care, stay safe and see you soon,


love from Mrs Adams 🙂

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