Carry on learning, Chaffinches!

I hope you managed to get logged on to your Active learn account: I’ve added lots of books for you to read.  If there any problems with it, then please email me.

I’ve also allocated a maths video to your account, to help with strategies for developing mental maths skills in KS1.  It focuses on knowing number bonds up to and within 10, and then using this knowledge to help add related numbers.

Here are some maths investigations that will use those mental maths skills.


There’s also a phonics resource allocated to each account.


Reading challenge

Your reading challenge this week is to listen to a book/some books on Active learn, then read the book/books yourself and then answer questions set about the book – a bug should appear on a page of a book, if you click on the bug then a question should appear.  This will help with the comprehension of the book.


Please carry on reading 🙂


Archie’s blog

Hi Chaffinches, I’ve had a quiet Easter  break but have enjoyed helping to do some baking; I’ve baked brownies, cookies and a birthday cake.

I’ve also enjoyed reading: I’ve been reading about the South Pole, where penguins live.  I hope you remember learning about penguins and how they live on the opposite side of the world to polar bears. Can you remember any other information about penguins?

I have found this weather rather warm, as you know I have very thick fur.  My fur is not looking as white as it should, can you think why?

Well. I’m ready for an afternoon snooze and so I will sign off for now, Chaffinches.


I’ll write in my blog soon.  Maybe you could keep a diary of what you are getting up to in these very unusual times.


Archie x


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