Can you survive the Stone Age?

Can you survive the Stone Age?

The answer is yes! Merlins and Ospreys had a fantastic survival day and showed off their many talents and skills, from chopping and dicing for our food preparation to den building. They used their knowledge of how Stone Age people lived and survived, and overall had a brilliant day.  

We started the day off by making replica models of Stone Age instruments, tools and jewellery. In the afternoon, we ate some typical Stone Age fruit strew that the children had prepared earlier in the week, using only ingredients that were around in the Stone Age. After filling up on the stew, the children then imagined using animal skin to make warm and waterproof dens. To finish off our Stone Age survival day, we headed down into our forest and sat around a fire in true Stone Age style, using our instruments for entertainment. We did have to step out of the Stone Age for a short period of time though, as all the children had a go at toasting bread over the fire.

Merlins and Ospreys have loved learning all about the Stone Age this term and have remember so much! It has been a great start to their academic year!


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