Autumn Detectives Explore Greenlands Park

Wrens went for their first walk into the community as a class.

They walked so nicely to the park, and they were very good at listening to the grown ups.

Wrens had great fun being autumn detectives. They went exploring Greenlands park for signs of autumn. We managed to collect a wide variety of natural items as evidence that autumn is definitely upon us. (Look in pockets, as you might also find an odd conker or acorn. The children really wanted to take some home too!)

Just look at how the light shines through these gorgeous autumn leaves.

Whilst we were there, we also did a bit of maths. We worked on comparing items by their length. First of all, we had to find two sticks. One stick needed to be longer than the other. Then Mrs Marriott made it a little more difficult, as we had to find three sticks and put them in order – shortest to longest.

We just love the outdoors!

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