A magical term for Merlins!



Spring term has been a very busy and successful one for the children in Merlins!


Our topic this term has been all about the world of Harry Potter.  The children have written poetry, instructions on how to make potions, letters to Hogwarts, character descriptions, journalistic reports and finally their own story based on Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone.


On Wednesday 25th February, Merlins and Ospreys visited the Warner Brother’s Studio Tour.  What a fantastic day we all had learning about how the books have been turned into films: we were able to see the sets, props and even some of the animals from the films.


P1010824In the Great   Hall: children were amazed!







At the gates to Hogwarts.

At the gates to Hogwarts.









The children have also had plenty of opportunity to visit our own ‘Forbidden forest’ where they helped to build dens or went hunting for dragons!





















Many of our numeracy lessons have been based around Harry Potter, including a lesson on capacity: the children made potions, such as the invisibility potion and a flying potion, by mixing a variety of ingredients together.


IMG_8071    IMG_8080











Our exciting term culminated in a ‘Hogwarts day’ in which the children were invited to attend.  The day began with the children being sorted into houses.  The class then took part in a variety of activities: Scientific ‘potion’ experiments and following recipes to make Butterbeer were just some of them.  Later the class visited the ‘Forbidden forest’ to hunt for dragons after watching a news report about a dragon-sighting in the area.  The day ended with a Marauder’s map challenge, where children had the opportunity to learn and use some orienteering skills.  Merlins had a truly magical day!

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