A final farewell at Twaykua promises a delightful friendship for the future.

Friday was the final day of my teaching experience at Twayuka. I started off teaching oral story telling in Grade 3. The children were very enthusiastic and enjoyed going on a ‘Lion Hunt’ around the local area. Even Mebby got in on the action and joined in! Next, I took each Grade 2 class out to play more parachute games on the yard. Interestingly, the teachers seemed more excited about the games then the children!

Surprisingly, Mebby and the rest of the teachers organised a celebration goodbye party for Kat and I. Mebby invited the PTA and parents and families from the local community. The celebrations started off with the school choir performing a range of local celebratory P1010026P1010002P1010039P1010010P1010048P1010051P1010041P1010044

songs including the ‘Zambian National Anthem’ and ‘Bonse Abba’. After, some of the Grade 5 and 6 children performed two very powerful and moving drama pieces about ‘Aids’ and ‘child abuse’. Then the Grade 2 and 3 children performed a traditional dance which the whole school cheered with pride. Finally, adults from the local community surprised the children with the legendary ‘Makishi’ dance. Everyone had an amazing time.

It was a very emotional time saying goodbye to everyone. I will miss the staff at Twayuka, who have been amazing. The parents, very pleasant and kind. But most of all I will miss the children. Even though they all have their own difficulties and struggles growing up in a dangerous community, they are very respectful and always greet you with happy, smiley faces!

I hope I can visit again and continue to help make learning fun. Thank you Twayuka for a very memorable and unforgettable experience. I can’t wait for Mebby and Patronella’s visit in September!

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