5,4,3,2,1 blast off!

Last week Robins successfully completed their challenge to become fully qualified astronauts and to take part in Anston Greenlands’ Space Mission!  As part of the Wow Day to launch this exciting topic about space, the children made edible moon rocks and took part in several agility challenges which tested a variety of skills.

Robins have settled in so well into their new classroom and have impressed all of the staff in Year 1. The children have already carried out several science investigations.  They have made rocket mice from empty milk bottles whilst learning about forces and they have watched a water rocket blast off too. Mr Parry and Mrs Forbes only got a little bit wet!  We have also been learning about healthy eating and have found out about the types of food an astronaut would eat in space, trying a bit of astronaut ice cream too.

We are really looking forward to learning about Neil Armstrong next week and the Solar System too.



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