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Random Acts of Kindness

On Wednesday 18th October, the Year 5 and Year 6 children gave a very special assembly. They have decided to run a ‘Random Acts of Kindness’ week for everyone in school, starting on Monday.


Random Acts of Kindness are little things that we can all do to make everyone around us feel happier.

Every day, everyone in school will be asked to complete a challenge. For example, on Monday, we will all be trying to share a smile; on Tuesday, we will be paying people compliments.

In addition, everyone will have the opportunity to send a message to a member of the school community, letting them know why they are so great. The messages will be delivered by the Snowy Owls and Golden Eagles each lunchtime; some lucky people will receive a little present too!

We are all looking forward to a very happy week!

Wow – What an exciting term we have ahead!

On Monday 11th September, the Snowy Owls and Golden Eagles launched their new topic with a wonderful Wow Day. As you can see, children, parents and carers made a fantastic effort and our classrooms were filled with a wide range of characters from the past.

Towards the end of the day, the Y5s and Y6s discovered that our final event will be … Anston Greenlands’ Excellent Adventure!

Over the term, we will go back in time to find historical figures who have changed our world for good. We will find out all about the positive impact that they have had, linking these people and their actions to the seventeen Global Goals. On the evening of Wednesday 6th December, the children will put on a performance and film show to tell you all about it – save the date!

Each student will select a Global Goal which they feel passionate about, inform people about it, campaign for change and then create a film to show how the world will look if their Global Goal is achieved.

The Dream Team!

On the afternoon and evenings of Monday 3rd July and Tuesday 4th July, the Key Stage 2 children from Anston Greenlands Primary School put on a stunning performance of ‘A Midsummer Night’s Dream’

As you know, this year, our production was a bit different: all aspects of the performance were turned over to the children. It started back in February when the children voted to put on ‘A Midsummer Night’s Dream’ from a selection of plays. They also made the decision to set the performance in modern times, rather than producing a traditional version of the play.

Since then, they have taken over every role in the theatre – as well as acting, singing and dancing, the children have been in charge of choreography and directing. They have designed and created props, make-up, scenery and costumes. Musicians have composed and performed tracks to complement the acting. Another group have focussed on creating blogs about our project for the school website. Our sound technicians, lighting technicians and stage hands were all KS2 pupils. Marketing, including ticket and programme design and sales, has been carried out by the children. Additionally, a group of pupils were in charge of catering during the interval.

I hope that all members of our audiences would agree that all that hard work paid off. The staff team were thrilled with the quality of the performances from our musicians, actors, singers and dancers. There are definitely some future stars of stage and screen in our school! All of our behind-the-scenes crew worked maturely and with terrific independence to make sure that the play ran as smoothly as possible.

A huge thank you goes to our parents, carers, grandparents, family members and friends for all of your support with learning lines, providing costumes and finding props. You made a fantastic audience – thank you for laughing and clapping in all the right places!

A Novel Celebration

On Tuesday 27th June, the Y3 and Y4 book club met up with the Y5 and Y6 group for an exciting celebration event.

We started with a final vote on the books which we have been reading over the last few months. The winner of the Y3/4 award was ‘Android in the Attic’ by Nicholas Allan. In the Y5 and Y6 book group, ‘Car-Jacked’ by Ali Sparkes topped ‘The Giant Beard That Was Evil’ by just 0.25 points!

Next, the children worked together in mixed-age groups on book-based charades and Pictionary games. Then, there was a chance to enjoy some refreshments whilst the teachers judged the competition entries.

Finally, we had prize-giving, with some very happy bibliophiles receiving books signed by Sir Tony Robinson, Adrian Edmondson and recent Children’s Laureate, Chris Riddell.

A Midsummer Night’s Dream – Update!

Finally, after all their hard work, the musicians have finished creating the music for the play and have joined the actors and other students. They are now busy joining in with the rehearsals and adding some life to the play!IMG_1437

Also the next big thing is painting the scenery because who can have a play without a backdrop? Lots of the children are working hard at bringing Eloise’s scenery design to life.IMG_1435 cropped

Although most of the props are complete, there are still some finishing touches to be made; some of the prop designers are now busy making posters to advertise the play.

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Thank you for all the help with costumes so far; soon we’re going to be taking pictures of the children in their costumes before the big night.IMG_1611

By Katie and Louis

A Midsummer Night’s Dream – Prop Design Blog

Today we have spent the morning with the prop designers. They have also started some prop creation, including a throne and paper balloons, which will be decorations for the wedding scene.

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Additionally, they told us some interesting facts about William Shakespeare. For example, he was the oldest surviving son of Jonathan Shakespeare. Did you know that William Shakespeare died on his birthday?

A Midsummer Night’s Dream – Costume Design

Our play will have a modern twist, so the characters are going to be famous celebrities.

In the classroom, the costume designers were discussing who each character should be. You might see David Beckham, Victoria Beckham or even Simon Cowell!

The costumes designers then interviewed the actors to see if they were happy with their modern characters. They also made an announcement in the hall to keep everyone informed.

Next, they split into groups to begin designing costumes for each character. Noah told us he was enjoying drawing Titania’s costume.

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After interviewing the costume designers, we discovered the most popular Shakespeare character was Oberon and their favourite modern character was Simon Cowell. We also asked which Shakespeare plays people had read; A Midsummer Night’s Dream was the first play the designers had learnt about.

Bloggers: Albie, Llayton, Spencer, Charlie and Louis

A Midsummer Night’s Dream

Everyone in KS2 is working together to create a modern version of ‘A Midsummer Night’s Dream’, which was written by William Shakespeare.

Some of the jobs that are taking place at the moment include:

Props designIMG_1159

Costume design


Acting rehearsal




Composing music


By Louis, Charlie, Spencer, Llayton and Albie

Our Day as Victorian Paupers

On the 22nd of March 2017, Y5 and Y6 went to the Victorian Workhouse in Southwell to experience life as paupers.

Boys’ Experience

Throughout the whole morning, the boys and girls were segregated because that is what happened in Victorian times. I said, “It must have been devastating for the paupers’ families when they were separated.” The boys had the jobs of oakum picking, smashing rocks, chopping wood and emptying the toilets.

Girls’ Experience

When the girls got split up from the boys, we started by getting dressed in a dress, scarf and a bonnet. Then we got a tour of which was very interesting. Finally, we had the opportunity to try a workhouse school lesson.

In the afternoon, we had a debate about whether or not workhouses were a good option for Victorian paupers.

By Lily and Reuben

The Great Global Food Festival and Bake Off

On Tuesday 4th April 2017, the Y5 and Y6 children from Anston Greenlands Primary School organised and ran a Great Global Food Festival.

Over the first half term of the year, the pupils were learning all about the Victorians, so they decided to transform one of the classrooms into a traditional Tea Room, selling a range of Victorian food, such as plum cake, tea cakes and soda bread with chutney. Visitors also had the opportunity to try a range of different teas, including fruit tea and chocolate tea. The braver customers also had the opportunity to taste authentic workhouse gruel!

Since February, the children have been learning about immigration, emigration and refugees. Therefore, in the school hall, they held a Great Global Food Festival, offering pizza from Italy, jerk chicken from the Caribbean and korma from India. Recipe booklets were available so that visitors could try recreating the delicious food at home.

Guests were also treated to flash mob dances and even had the chance to have their photograph taken with their favourite celebrity chef!

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Finally, visitors were given the opportunity to find out all about UNHCR, the charity that the Year 5 and Year 6 children chose to support with any profits from the food festival. UNHCR is the United Nations organisation which supports refugees around the world to make sure they have shelter, food, protection, healthcare and other essentials.

A Bake Off competition was open to all pupils, parents and carers, with the tasty buns, cakes and biscuits being sold in the afternoon, once the winners had been chosen. We were amazed by the quality of the entries. Here are a few photographs of the cakes, buns, biscuits and breads – you can see how seriously the judges took their job!

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Eventually, we managed to select a winner from each category. Here they are, collecting their prizes:


We would like to say a huge thank you to everyone for supporting our event – from those who came and visited the tea room and food festival, to those of you who entered our Bake Off competition, to those fantastic parents, grandparents, carers and friends who stayed at the end to help with the washing up! With your help, we have managed to raise £100 for UNHCR.