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Christmas Time at Totley Farm

Our trip to Totley farm had arrived, and we were all so excited just to be on the coach.

We went to act out the Christmas story, and as soon as we got there we were put into our costumes.

We all helped to re-tell the Christmas story, and sang some Christmas songs too.

We even got to ride on the donkey, just like Mary did.


We held the baby lambs, and then we went to meet Father Christmas. Exciting times!

Wow! This was our first time visiting Totley Farm, and it was fabulous! We absolutely loved it, and everyone was keen to participate. We were so confident in our new surroundings.

Merry Christmas everyone!



News Flash……… Wrens help out their local library!

Our local Librarian needed our help.

She wanted us to make some Christmas decorations, which would go on the front window of the library.

We were definitely keen to help her out.

Mrs Marriott went to have a look at the window once it had been decorated. It looks great, and we were happy to help out.

Our First Performance – Go us!

Well the day had arrived and we were so ready!

We had put lots of hard work into learning our little songs and dances, all we needed now was the confidence to perform.

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We learnt songs about our bodies and performed them for our parents/carers. We were amazing!

Everyone was so proud of us. Look at us in action…


Here we go again….. caring and sharing!

On Friday, we all came to school dressed in spotty or Pudsey Bear clothing to support ‘Children in Need’.

We looked great!

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We also made our biscuits look spotty, designed a new bandana for Pudsey, and coloured him in too.

At playtime, we went and bought some buns and biscuits, which were kindly donated by parents and carers.

A big thank you to everyone for supporting our school. We raised £295.

People Who Help Us in the Community!

We have had a great first week back at school!

We have been to visit our local library to meet a librarian.

We learnt all about the library and how librarians help us. The librarian sent us some membership forms prior to visiting, so we took our completed forms with us. The librarian then made us members and allowed us to take a book home.

We had a great time using the self-service counter.

Then today, we have had a visit from two lovely paramedics, who kindly gave up their time to visit us.

They even brought us an ambulance, and let us look inside.

We loved it!

We had a great time, and we are planning to write some thank you cards in our Literacy lesson tomorrow.


People Who Help Us in the Community!

A few weeks ago we had two lovely police officers come to visit us at our school. They came to teach us about road safety, which they call ‘Street Feet’. They were so impressed with the knowledge we already had, but we also learnt so much more. They chose some of us to pretend to be different vehicles on the road, whilst others were chosen to be pedestrians to act out scenarios.

Today, they kindly brought a police van to show us and they let us go inside it. At the end they let us put the sirens and lights on too. They were both really friendly and very kind officers. We were very grateful that they were able to give up some of their time to visit us; we had a great time!

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Sing up for Autumn time

Here we are singing two of our favourite autumn songs. We thought it might help you with the tune when you begin to sing along. You will find the lyrics in your child’s home learning books.

Have fun!

The Conkers Song


Picture of Autumn Song

Meet the Kings and Queens of Greenlands Primary!

We had a lovely walk to Greenlands park today. We all walked really sensibly with our adults, and we were also able to use our road safety knowledge to help us get there safely.

We all worked together as a team to collect autumn leaves, and then we set about making our crowns.

What do you think?

We were all very impressed with our crowns!


Wrens Spread the Word About Healthy Eating!

We are learning about people who care for us, but we want everyone to also look after themselves too.

We decided it would be a great idea to spread the word about eating healthy foods by singing our new favourite song.

Please sing along!

We then had to eat all of the fruit up.

The next day we tried the vegetables too.


We have been using our tallying skills today.

We went outside to look closely at the trees in the school grounds. Mrs Marriott asked us to work in pairs to tally the different trees that we could see.

We then counted our tallies and discussed our findings. Our knowledge of ‘Tally Mark Tim’ came in handy today!