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Our new Wrens are loving school life!

They have had their first lunch in the school hall.


They have been busy exploring their new environment and learning their new routines.

They have even been outside to road test their wellington boots!

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and they have only just started!

Rowan Race to Victory at Sports Day

The British weather was on our side for once!

Sports day went ahead and what a morning we had! The children worked so hard in their teams; they were rewarded for their efforts with team points.

We kicked off with our ‘potted sports activities’.

Look at us in action…

The scores for each team were very close, so it meant all four teams really needed to work hard at the competitive sports. The competitive sports included mixed year group space hopper races and year group relays.

We all had great fun once again, and we all showed great determination.

What a brilliant day we had! We couldn’t have done it without our fabulous volunteers; a big thank you to everyone who supported us and also came to cheer everyone on.

All the teams worked their socks off, but Rowan raced to victory.

Greenlands (264 of 264)


Our pirate ships set sail………. Well some did!

Well we had worked really hard to create our pirate ships ready for the big day!

Would our ships be sea worthy?


Well first of all we all made our predictions. Float or sink? That was the question. Then came the time to test them. If they did float, then we needed to see if they would take any crew on board without sinking.

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We had two ships that managed to take far more crew on board than the others. Meet our best pirate ship makers!


A miracle happened in our classroom – metamorphosis !

We purchased our own live butterfly kit, as we wanted to learn about the life cycle of a butterfly.

From the minute our caterpillars arrived we were excited!

We loved observing the changes. We watched them grow and become a chrysalis. We then got to move our chrysalis into the butterfly habitat. Then came the magical moment of emergence, where they look like they are resting peacefully, but an amazing transformation is taking place inside! Our chrysalis began to then darken, which was a big clue that our butterflies were preparing to emerge.

The magical birth of our butterflies happened surprisingly quick!

One to two hours after emergence, our butterflies were fully formed and ready to fly! We fed our butterflies nectar (sugar-water), fruit, and nectar-bearing flowers.

We knew we could only keep them for 2-3 days now, so we planned a little farewell celebration. We made ‘Life Cycle of a Butterfly Hats’, which we wore when we released them. We also sang Happy Birthday to them.

As the butterflies took flight, one of them decided to have a little rest on one of our hands. Watch our video and see whose hand it chose!

What an amazing experience!



A miracle on our hand!

Guess what? We opened our own Garden Centre!

We have been so busy this half term learning about plants and mini-beasts. We needed to be  prepared to answer any questions our customers may ask us at our ‘Garden Centre’.

We went for walks to the local park to take photos of flowers, which we then used to make book marks.


We went into our woodland to identify mini-beasts, and also create natural art pictures for our art gallery.

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We went stick hunting for perfect sticks to make our mini-beast hotels, and to create our fairy wands.

IMG_2703 IMG_2704 IMG_2705

Whilst we were outside it rained, but no weather is bad weather, so we got the umbrellas out!

IMG_2706 IMG_2707 IMG_2708 IMG_2709

We baked buns, biscuits and created grape caterpillars for our café.

We made our staff badges, and began advertising for our ‘Garden Centre’ opening.

Well, the day had finally arrived, all of our hard work had certainly paid off. We had fully stocked our ‘Garden Centre’ and we were just waiting for customers to arrive.

It was time to cut the ribbon. Can you guess who we asked to do this very important job?


Our customers turned up in droves!

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Some people had great fun on the flower photo booth.

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We had some beautiful cakes donated for the raffle, by some fabulous parents and helpers. We asked Mr Wirth to draw the raffle.


What a fabulous turn out for our event! We were overwhelmed with the amount of support we received, and the weather was definitely on our side. Thank you to everyone that attended!

We manage to raise £182, which we are planning to spend on our next topic ‘It’s a Pirates Life for Me’

Reptiles Past and Present!

We started off by thinking about a final event, as this would then give us something to work towards. We all decided that we would like to put on a dance show for our parents and carers. We thought we could call it the ‘Dinosaur Stomp’.

We then decided that we all needed to look the part, so we set about using our creative skills to make some dinosaur feet and a tail for the show! What do you think?

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We also made our own dinosaurs! We made them very bright and colourful, just like Harry and his bucketful of dinosaurs!

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Whilst we were so busy being creative, no one noticed that a dinosaur had left us their eggs to look after. Guess what? The eggs hatched!!!!!

IMG_5387 IMG_5388 IMG_5389

We also had a different visitor come to our classroom too!

IMG_5667 IMG_5668

We all worked together to weave a crocodile.

We measured snakes and talked about our findings in one of our maths lessons.

Before we knew it, performance day had arrived!  We had spent so much time learning and perfecting our dinosaur dancers for our show in our PE lessons.

All the hard work certainly paid off. Our show was amazing! We even got our parents and carers to join in too.

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We also went on a school trip to embed and develop our learning further! Whilst we were there, some of us were very brave! We actually met some reptiles and mini-beasts. (Another 50 things before leaving Anston Greenlands ticked off!)

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We met some other reptiles too…..

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After our school trip, we took a walk down memory lane. We had to hunt for the hidden letter cards around our playground and then write down the animal that started with that letter sound.

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We used our creative skills outside too. We went and drew reptiles that we had learnt about. Artists in the making!


We have learnt so much this half term about reptiles and grown so fond of them. We decided that we wanted to donate some of the money raised at our final event to the World Wide Fund for Nature, so they could help ‘Marine Turtles’. 

Thank you to everyone that attended our event. We hope you had as much fun as we did!





Shrove Tuesday Fun in Wrens!

This is what we needed to find out, “What is Shrove Tuesday and why do we eat pancakes?

We now know Pancake Day always takes place on the day before Ash Wednesday, which is the first day of the Christian season of Lent in the run up to Easter.

Traditionally, Shrove Tuesday was a day for using up food that could not be eaten during Lent, which was a time for fasting.

Therefore people made pancakes using leftover eggs and butter. All this talking about pancakes had made us very hungry, so we set about making our very own pancakes.


These were delicious!!! It also gave some of us the opportunity to work on our knife and fork skills!

Once we had finished our pancakes off, we went and had a pancake race. This was great fun! (Don’t worry the pans weren’t hot!)

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We finished our day off with a story, ‘The Giant Pancake’. We can’t wait for Shrove Tuesday to come around again.

Once upon a time in Wrens …

This half term we have been learning about ‘Traditional Tales’. We based our learning around three stories. The stories chosen were….

The Three Billy Goats Gruff

The Gingerbread Man

The Little Red Hen

We set about learning these stories using Pie Corbett’s Talk for Writing, which certainly helped us to develop our ‘Communication and Language skills’. Our aim for this half term was to finish off with an event to showcase our oral story telling skills. We decided to call this event our ‘Movie Premiere Afternoon’

Here is our oral story tell of ‘The Little Red Hen’.

We dressed up for the occasion too. Here are some of us dressed up as a character from a book (This is one of our 50 things too!!)

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We created our own walk of fame, put up cast lists, and also made valentines snacks for our guests.

Mrs Marriott gave us all a bag of popcorn to share with our family too.

We used our knowledge of stories to write our very own!!!! We blew Mrs Marriott’s socks off with our fabulous writing.

Throughout this half term we have also been working hard to develop our ‘Creative skills’. Here are our troll faces, which we made in our woodland area.

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Here we are pretending to be artists, just like Claude Monet, who painted the Bridge over a Pond of Water Lilies. What do you think to our paintings? Do we have the next Monet?

We have been developing our ‘Understanding of the World’ by baking gingerbread men and then talking about how they have changed.

We got to take these home to share with our family.

We also learnt about materials around us, building bridges to help save the gingerbread man. We then tested these, ensuring our test was fair!

We then went for a walk in our local community to find out which of these materials were magnetic.

We have also ventured into the computer suite to complete a simple computer program. It was called ‘Eggs to Order’. We had to order the eggs for ‘The Little Red Hen by their number, smallest to largest.

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We have been developing our ‘Mathematical’ knowledge too. We measured trolls and talked about our findings.

We also gathered data on how we all ate our gingerbread man. What a popular maths lesson this was!!!

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We worked hard to develop our ‘Physical’ skills, using scissors and hole punchers to create split pin animals.

We have been working on our ‘Personal, Social and Emotional Development’ too. Outside we dressed up as police officers, and worked together to catch-all the bad characters from the stories we have heard.

We acted out stories in our role play area.


We created story roadways together too, listening to each others ideas along the way to enable us to improve them.

We have had a great half term, and the above is just a little insight to some of the things we have covered!

We want to say a big thank you to everyone that supported us by purchasing one of our ‘Movie Premiere’ DVDs.


We raised £62, which will help us to purchase some reading buddies for our new reading area.

book area 1 book 2

Good News – Wrens help ‘The Little Red Hen’!

We have been learning to re-tell the story ‘The Little Red Hen’. In this story the little red hen finds leftover wheat grains on the ground, she decides to plant them so she can have wheat to make bread. She turns to the duck, the cat, and the dog for their help, to which they all reply no!!! We all thought that this wasn’t very kind of them, so we decided to help her out with the baking side!

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As we had kindly offered our help, it was only right that we sampled the product.


We couldn’t have done this without our fabulous volunteers and parents. Thank you for supporting us!

Celebrations begin for Chinese New Year in Wrens – Year of the Rooster!

This year, Chinese New Year - The Year of the Rooster – began on Saturday January 28, so we had to start our celebrations a day early.

We started off by learning all about Chinese New Year. We learnt that red and gold were seen as lucky colours, that’s why we all dressed in red for the day.


We also learnt a Chinese New Year Greeting – Kung Hei Fat Choi (gōng xǐ fā cái), which is a traditional Chinese New Year greeting meaning: Congratulations and best wishes for a prosperous New Year!; Happy New Year!

We all tried to say it whilst Mrs Marriott took the photo!!

We then set about making some Chinese crafts, whilst listening to some lovely Chinese music.

Lucky Money Packets – (We put Yuan banknotes in these, not real ones unfortunately.)

Chinese Glass Lanterns – (We put Happy New Year on these in Chinese writing.)

Chinese Paper Lanterns – (These had all the zodiac animals on- but the main picture was of the ‘Rooster’.)

Chinese Fans – (We were decorated these by drawing dragons and Chinese flowers on them.)

Creating our crafts had made us all extremely hungry, so it was time for our Chinese restaurant to open!

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One of our lovely parents had bought us all a pair of chopsticks too, so we were very keen to try these out! Some of us managed to eat with chopsticks for the entire meal.

After lunch we learnt about ‘The Great Race: The Story of the Chinese Zodiac Animals’ We then went into the hall and had our own race. We all got to be one of the animals from the story, and run around the hall twice. We had to make sure we followed the track and jump over the water (blue hoops/ blue markers), not swim like in the story. We absolutely loved this, and especially when we came 1st in the race!!

We then found out the year we were born in. It turned out that we were all either rabbits or dragons! Mrs Marriott gave us all a sticker with this information on so we could share it with our parents.

We finished our day off with a dragon dance.

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We had brilliant time and leant lots about Chinese New Year!


A big thank you to everyone who brought us items in to support our celebrations.