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A truly ‘Out of this World’ experience for Ospreys and Merlins!

The children in Ospreys and Merlins were absolutely delighted with the visit by Kevin Read from the Yorkshire Planetarium, who brought his Stardome in to educate the children further about Earth and Space.  It was a truly ‘out of this world’ experience, but don’t just take my word for it, here is what the children from Ospreys have written (very eagerly) about the experience!

‘Merlins and Ospreys have been learning about the solar system, and on 8th of February the stardome came into school for our two classes to go inside and enjoy. Faith thought it was interesting and we all learned about space and she would like to become an astronomer  and study space, Holly thought it was AMAZING! Now she wants to be a scientist and an astrophysicist.  We would to see it again and learn even more about our galaxy, our solar system and our sun.

The planet Pluto was actually pink and blue. There is a suitable galaxy/planet that we could live on but unfortunately it would take you 100,000 years to get there, but we have no idea what this planet is called. In 15 years NASA is thinking of sending 10 people to Mars and if they survive, NASA will be sending thousands or more people but unfortunately  it would take 3 years to get there.’ FB and HW

‘Merlins and Ospreys have had a wonderful morning in an outstanding stardome, learning facts about space, galaxies, planets and stars. The children enjoyed every bit of it, saying it was amazing and it was great as it felt like they were actually moving in Space.
Charlie said he felt dizzy when the screen was moving. The class loved the video as it was amazing seeing all the planets orbit the sun and learning new facts.
They saw lots of planets like Venus, Saturn and Mercury and found out about lots of new galaxies.’  CA and OC

‘Ospreys and Merlins are learning about space and Kevin came with a Stardome and all of us enjoyed  it. A Stardome is a big inflatable balloon that has projections of the solar system and constellations in it, so it’s 3D.  When we were in the Stardome it felt like we were travelling through space, it was so cool. Kevin knows everything about space, it was amazing.’   EM and FH

‘Inside the Stardome it looked like we were in space.  Ospreys have lots of questions for Kevin and have emailed him with them. Kevin knows everything about space, he is a space wizard. This is a fact that Kevin told all the Ospreys,  ‘if you look straight at the sun from a telescope or directly at it for 3 seconds,  you will be blind,  so I would not look at the sun directly.’OB and FH

‘We learnt that there are lots of galaxies. Did you know the sun is white, but it’s a yellow dwarf star?’ RC and DS



IMG_2994 IMG_3004 IMG_3014 IMG_3015 IMG_3029 IMG_3032 IMG_3041

Merlins and Ospreys are launched back in time!

Our topic this term is ‘The Intergalactic Rock Show’, which got off to a great start with our Topic Launch Day.  Children danced to music from different decades, watched the launch of Apollo 11 and learned about it landing on the moon, were baking and preparing food popular in the 1940’s and 50’s as well as researching events from the 1950’s.  In the afternoon, children continued to learn about life in the 1950’s, including the coronation of Queen Elizabeth II in 1953.  One of our volunteer helpers, Terry, spoke to the children about what he remembered about growing up in the 1950’s. The children had a really fun-filled, educational day.


A fiesta of a day for Ospreys and Merlins!

What a lovely day we had to celebrate Mexico’s Day of The Dead festival and the end of our mini-topic about Mexico!   Children cooked enchiladas and made salsa, created decorated skull masks and played sport.  The day ended with the children eating the food they’d made and doing some salsa dancing!

What a fab day!

IMG_9616 IMG_9619 IMG_9621 IMG_9624 IMG_9629 IMG_9632 IMG_9633 IMG_9635 IMG_9636 IMG_9637 IMG_9639 IMG_9640 IMG_9641 IMG_9642 IMG_9643 IMG_9644 IMG_9645 IMG_9646 IMG_9647  IMG_9649

Ospreys have been enjoying a taste of Mexico!

The children in Year 4 have been tasting foods that are used in popular Mexican recipes (avocados, sweet peppers, chorizo, pineapple and sweet corn). They analysed these foods, stating whether they recognised the food and enjoyed the taste; some were enjoyed more than others (see the expressions on our faces).

The children were then excited to be using some of these ingredients to cook quesadillas and make guacamole.  We then sampled the food we had made, which we really enjoyed.

More recipes will be made in the next few weeks.IMG_9442

Merlins and Ospreys get wild to create an Outdoor Reading Garden!

Merlins and Ospreys bring the Amazon Rainforest to our school!


To celebrate the end of Our Green Planet topic, children from Merlins and Ospreys have given the Millennium garden a huge makeover and so much more!   The children had a vision of what they wanted to achieve; which was to bring the Amazon Rainforest into our school.  Children had expressed a wish to be able to read outside at break times and lunchtimes, but the only area available was our disused, run-down Millennium garden.


The children started the project, having studied the Amazon Rainforest, by designing their ideal garden. Next, they needed to make their vision come true and so needed to acquire funding and offers of help and equipment from our PTA, parents and local companies.  A great time was spent in purchasing the resources for our project.


The final and the busiest stage of our Enterprise project was making the vision come true.  All this week, parents, grandparents, aunties, cousins and carers were busy working with the children in the garden.


The children want to say a huge thank you to everyone involved in making this happen. We can’t wait to take our books in to read!

Please look at our photos as they certainly tell a story of their own!


Ospreys know how to look after their teeth!

Last Wednesday Ospreys had two visitors; Nicola, a dental nurse, and a dentist.  They came to talk to us about looking after our teeth: eating the right food, avoiding the wrong food and how to brush our teeth properly.

We are learning about keeping healthy in PSHE and about the digestive system in Science and so this talk was very useful to us.  The children listened and played some games that would help them to remember how to care for their teeth.


Ospreys have produced posters to inform others on how to look after their teeth properly.



What a great day out for Merlins and Ospreys: learning about animals in their habitats!


The children in Merlins and Ospreys had a fantastic day out at Woodside Wildlife Park.  We were greeted by the rangers, Robin and James, and couldn’t have been made more welcome.  The children were so impressed with the animals  (which included a sloth, lemurs, a giant tortoise, fruit bats, marmoset monkeys, a macaw, meerkats, a tiger, a lynx, a tapir, white wolves and otters) that they saw, and the knowledge they gained about them from our guides, that they’ve written letters of thanks to them.

Children in Ospreys had a lot to say about the visit:

‘I loved learning about how wolves live in packs and that wolves fight to decide who will be the leader.’

‘It was great being able to stroke the owls and lizards and we were able to hold a boa constrictor: it was awesome!’

‘We always thought that an owl could turn its head all the way round but in fact it can only turn its head around 270 degrees.’

‘It was great seeing the tiger, Julia, who they rescued from a circus.’

‘Tapirs have a prehensile nose which they use like a hand to grasp things.’

Needless to say, Ospreys are still talking about the visit and are currently producing a leaflet about the Wildlife park.


Here are some photos of our fabulous day!




Ospreys collect data for the RSPB!

Opsreys spent some time in the Bird Hide in our school grounds to count birds such as pigeons, crows, long-tailed tits, robins and magpies.

They were counting the different birds around our school as part of a RSPB nationwide survey.  The data has now been submitted to the RSPB.

Our House Captains share their expertise and do us proud!

Our House Captains were asked to visit with some prospective House Captains at Laughton Primary School.  As it’s a new venture at Laughton, the Head, who was really impressed with our captains and the work they’ve done in our school, requested our captains visit their school to talk to some children who wanted to be House Captains.  Between them, the children from both schools, came up with the responsibilities for captains and possible events they could organise.  Mrs Brammer, who works with the captains at Laughton, couldn’t praise our captains enough: they did us proud!

The new captains from Laughton will be visiting our school soon.

A creative start to a new topic: Our Green Planet!

What a great way to start a new topic.  Ospreys were excited to find out all about their new topic, Our Green Planet, as they entered the classroom this morning.

The first task of the day was to recreate Henri Rousseau’s Tiger in a Tropical Storm painting, but to only paint, use pastels, make a collage or use wool wrapping on one section of the painting.  Each piece, when finished, will be fitted together to recreate the masterpiece in our own style.

In the afternoon, the children were eager to find out more about the rainforests of the world; focusing on the Amazon rainforest.  Then in pairs, the children followed instructions to make their own miniature rainforest in the form of a terrarium.  Look at our photos to see how much fun we had in our learning!