2021-02-21 12:32:53 kroberts

The Snowy Owls and Golden Eagles rose to the challenge of cooking delicious pancakes both at home and at school. Don’t they look amazing?

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Pop Art in Snowy Owls

2021-01-24 11:54:35 kroberts

The Snowy Owls have produced some fantastic Pop Art both at home and in school. We were inspired by the work of Roy Lichtenstein, an American artist whose work was influenced by advertising and the comic book style.

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Anston Greenlands Christmas 2020

2020-12-17 15:08:10 mrsbratt

A very merry Christmas from all the staff at Anston Greenlands. Wishing you all a very happy and healthy 2021.

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Christmas Coffee Morning 2020 – Snowy Owls and Golden Eagles

2020-12-17 10:16:45 kroberts

We hope you enjoy the selection of Christmas songs and poetry performed by the Snowy Owls and Golden Eagles. We’re sure you will agree that we have a very talented group of actors and singers this year! Although the children put on a great show, we definitely missed our audience of parents, carers and friends.

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Vikinvasion! by Greenlands Great Escape - Update

2020-12-10 16:30:01 kroberts

Mr Wirth and Mrs Baird made it out of Vikingvasion with an impressive time of 55 minutes. We thought that it was very brave of them to tackle our challenging escape room, particularly as they had an audience of 60 children watching their every move through a webcam! Although we had some very experienced Games Masters waiting with walkie-talkies, they required very few clues.

The adults involved have been so impressed with the children’s creativity and problem solving that we have decided to keep all of the puzzles set up in the hope that we will be able to invite parents, carers and friends to have a go before the end of the year.

Watch this space …

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