Exploring our new learning environment!

2023-09-24 17:39:17 f-marriott

We are thoroughly enjoying our new learning environment.

Here we are exploring indoors.


Here we are road testing our wellies, whilst exploring our outdoor environment.

We went outside looking for leaves. We will be collecting leaves soon to look closely at in class, as autumn is now upon us.

We just loved doing this!





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A Team Effort!

2023-09-17 17:29:13 f-marriott

We thought we would take our team photos last week to add to our class display.

Meet yellow team (Beech)

Meet red team (Rowan)

Meet blue team (Ash)

Meet green team (Oak)

Our teams are named after trees.

The adults within school will now be allocating team points each day to reward children for their efforts.  The winning team is announced every Friday in assembly and the team leader is presented with the trophy.

We are still one big team though, as many hands make light work – TEAM WRENS!

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Wrens - Our First Lunchtime at School

2023-09-11 15:56:09 f-marriott

Well, the day had arrived for the whole class to stay for lunch together today. The children who had a school lunch, waited nicely in line and collected their cutlery as they moved along.

Some children brought their own lunch to school, and some had a school lunch. The children sat together in the hall, observing their surroundings.


The children had lots of help from our lovely lunchtime supervisors, school staff and infant helpers. Our lovely kitchen staff also let us go into the hall a little earlier, so it was nice and quiet.

The children can’t wait to do it all again tomorrow.


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Our Trip to Doncaster Wildlife Park

2023-04-23 16:26:02 f-marriott

We thoroughly enjoyed our visit to the Wildlife Park. We were very excited about travelling on the coach.

We walked quite a few miles, even with little legs and we never moaned about it too! We were BRILIANT!


We loved the dinosaurs. They moved and roared at us!

We saw lots of different animals.

We absolutely loved eating our packed lunch outside.


We finished our day off with a little play on the park (I really don’t know how they had the energy ha )


What a GREAT day, we were all so well behaved too.



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Do you like mini-beasts as much as Wrens?

2023-04-17 15:05:07 f-marriott

Well it’s that time again…… New topic time!

We loved mini-beasts last half term, and so we have incorporated them into this one too, as there is just so much more to learn about them.

For our WOW day, we completed a mini-beast quiz. We then went on a mini-beast hunt in the school grounds. Ticking them off as we found them. If you don’t like mini-beasts cover your eyes now! We found lovely lots of lovely slugs and worms!


We then finished off by making our very own clay mini-beasts. The children but lots of effort into adding details to these, using sticks from the woodland.

Our new topic is called ‘The Animal Ball’.


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