We LOVE Mini-beasts!

2021-05-14 15:52:07 f-marriott

We have been learning about mini-beasts. We listened to the story ‘Mad About MIni-beasts’ first. We then wrote all about our favourite mini-beasts in our literacy lesson. We then went on a mini-beast hunt in our outside environment.

Today, we have been using iPads to film each other describing our favourite mini-beasts.

We were amazing at this!








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Brilliant Balancing

2021-05-07 14:35:34 f-marriott

We have been working on our balancing in PE. Some were a little more challenging than others, but we perceived! We then jumped off the benches, ensuring we landed correctly.

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It was great fun!


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Litter Picking Time

2021-05-07 14:26:36 f-marriott

We have been looking after our school environment today, and also gaining a challenge badge for our adventurer cards at the same time.

We used litter pickers and gloves to help protect us and keep us clean.

What a GREAT team effort!

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It's official...... Wrens have Green Fingers.

2021-05-04 16:49:58 f-marriott

We have been busy collecting our adventurer badges this last few weeks. One of our badges, which we have managed to gain is our ‘Growing Badge’. We have planted green beans, sunflower seeds and we have also mixed grass seed in with compost to make these grass caterpillars.

We have been learning all about how to care for these to enable them to grow.

We will keep you posted.



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Meet the Band!

2021-04-23 16:04:43 f-marriott

This is how good we are after just two days!

Can you guess the song by listening to us play?

We have had great fun with the ‘Boomwhackers’. This is song one – ‘Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star’. We are now going to be learning another one and introducing the ‘Musical Handbells’,

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