Our Local Library is GREAT!

2023-03-14 14:19:31 f-marriott

We visited Dinnington library today and found out that there is so much to do there. Not only can you borrow books, but they have exciting character hunts to do, and they organise creative days in the school holidays.

We had a great time meeting the lovely ladies that work there. They told us all about the library and even let us have a go on the self serve check out.

We did some colouring whilst we were there and looked at books.

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Welcome to the Healthy Heroes TV Channel

2023-02-19 14:59:34 f-marriott

On the first day, we gathered together to receive our mission for this half term (spring 1st)

We had to help others to look after their body physically, mentally and emotionally too.  We decided a short film would be a good way to do this.

Pop our channel on – ‘The Healthy Heroes TV Channel’ – press below.




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Let's find our way .....

2023-02-10 06:42:12 f-marriott

We have been learning about maps. We knew maps were really useful to help us find our way to places we wanted to visit.

We thought it would be really useful for others if we drew them a map to show them how to get from our school to the local Aldi, so they could do their shopping like us.

We went for a walk first to Aldi, talking about all the places/buildings we see along the way. We had to remember the order we saw them too. We took photos to help us.

We obviously had a bit of fun along the way too!. Shadow time!

Here we are drawing our maps.

Here are some of our finished maps. We had to think about all the significant places/buildings we saw along the way.


We drew our own maps


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It's nice and toasty in the woodland!

2023-02-10 06:17:26 f-marriott

We finished off our forest school time by toasting marshmallows to make smores. We then had a nice hot chocolate.


We have thoroughly enjoyed forest school.

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PE Day = time to develop our ball skills further.

2023-02-07 13:48:33 f-marriott

In PE we  have continued to work on our ball skills.  We have been bouncing and catching the ball this week, but we then introduced a hoop to use as a target. We then tried to get our ball in a bucket from a variety of distances. We then finished off with some dribbling using our hands. This was tricky, but we shall re-visit this again. Good fun had by all!






Can kick a ball to a target.

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