Robins' Forest School Fun

2022-02-18 18:04:42 f-marriott

As it was a windy day, we decided to change the venue for Forest School. We decided it would be safer to stick to the yard. However, we did make good use of the wind. We made weather vanes. We absolutely loved making these, and watching them in action.

We then used the little bit of time left to create some natural art pictures.



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It’s Carnival Time!

2022-01-06 16:10:35 jforbes

Games, dancing, party food, music and drumming! What a great way to launch a topic. There was definitely a party atmosphere in KS1 yesterday as Chaffinches and Robins took part in a ‘Celebration Party’ to welcome the start of a new year, a new term and a new topic.  Over the coming weeks, they will be learning about a variety of celebrations, festivals and carnivals across the world.  The children got off to a fantastic start by taking part in a drumming workshop and dancing to Samba music.

We are planning to create and produce our own carnival parade which will take place before Easter, so watch this space for more information.

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Our Nativity

2021-12-08 16:08:59 awirth

We did it! Our amazing Wrens, Robins and Chaffinches have given two spectacular performances of “Miracle In Town” for parents and carers. Thank you to all of our infant children, staff and volunteers for making this nativity so special and thank you audience members for following our Covid precautions – we really appreciate it. If you didn’t get chance to join us, or if you’d like a repeat performance, you can now watch our nativity online here. Merry Christmas everyone!

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Brave men and women fought to keep us safe...

2021-11-12 18:03:47 jforbes

These are the lyrics from the song that Wrens have been learning this week to help them to understand  Remembrance Day.  On Thursday, children throughout school took part in special assemblies to mark this important day.  Several of our history lessons during this week have also been focused on learning about Remembrance Day and understanding the significance of it.

KS1 were very lucky to welcome a special visitor, Dom to school.  He talked about serving in the RAF and answered lots of very thoughtful questions from Robins and Chaffinches.

As well as learning their song and performing it, Wrens also painted their own poppies and if you have passed by school this last few days, you will have seen other poppies and wreaths that children have made.

Below are photos of some of the lovely artwork that children have produced and photos from this week.

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It's Official .......... We LOVE Learning in the Outdoors!

2021-11-08 14:46:37 f-marriott

If you didn’t already know, at Greenlands we just love taking learning outdoors generally, but as it was ‘Outdoor Classroom Day’ on Thursday the 4th November we all went out! Each class teacher planned at least one lesson to take place in the outdoors on this day.

Wrens – took their maths lesson outside. They started off by doing their mental-oral part of the maths lesson, which involved jumping to the number said.

They then went to collect natural objects and then put these in groups. They had to write the number to match the groups. They were working on the numbers/amounts 1,2 and 3. 

Robins – went on a 3D shape hunt and then made their own 3D shapes with clay and natural materials.

Chaffinches – were learning about the Gunpowder plot and Guy Fawkes, so they decided to build their own bonfire in the woods and make a ‘Guy’ . After all their hard work , they celebrated by eating hotdogs around their fire.

Merlins – were carrying out a scientific investigation to show how a volcano erupts, as part of their topic about the Romans, and rocks and soil: a chemical reaction took place .

Ospreys – Went out in the morning, and they did some English, looking at dialogue and how they need to change their voice when reading dialogue depending on the verbs and adverbs used.

Then in the afternoon, they did a science experiment about how volcanos erupt.

Golden Eagles – They were creating freeze frames, recreating a scene from their book, ‘The London Eye Mystery’.

They also took part of their maths lesson outside too. Mrs Bower shouted out a number and the children had to get in a group size that was a factor of that number. For example, she shouted 24 and the children got in group sizes of 3, 8 6, 4.

Snowy Owls were acting out the circulatory system – some children were the four chambers of the heart and some were lungs; some of the children were the capillaries. Others were the blood cells, carrying around oxygen and carbon dioxide and exchanging the gases at the lungs and capillaries. 

So a fab day was had outside yet again!


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