Hello to all our Robins!

Hello everybody – we hope you are all continuing to stay safe and well.

To all our Robins who are home learning – we miss you very much and cannot wait to see you!

We are continuing to learn all about minibeasts in school and below are some wonderful pictures of Honeybees making pompom spiders.

If you have some wool and cardboard at home, ask a grown up to help you make one and email a photo to us – we’d love to see them!

Summer term week 10

Good afternoon Ospreys,

I hope that you’re all keeping well. I have phoned round and managed to speak to most of you. It was really lovely chatting to you and getting to know what you’ve been up to. There are a couple of people who I tried phoning a few times and didn’t get through; please contact me if there’s anything that you’re concerned with or if you’d like to talk to me.

It’s week 10 on Oak Academy.

English this week is looking at diary entries and you’ll be writing your own entry by the end of the week. I’d love to read some of them once you’ve finished.

Maths is looking at number systems you already know and looking for patterns.

There are some great music lessons available too. I’ll put the link below.


Please continue with the Active Learn things and TT Rockstars. It sounds like lots of you are really nailing your times tables which is excellent! Keep it up.

Please remember to read every day. Let me know which books you’ve been reading and if you’d like any recommendations.

Take care and I’ll be in touch again next week.


Golden Eagles – Week beginning 29th June

Hello everyone!

I hope you have all had a lovely weekend, although I am not impressed with the weather this morning – I’ve got used to having blue skies and beautiful weather.

Again, this week I would like you to continue to use the lessons on the Oak National Academy website. In maths, quadrilaterals is the focus and then the focus moves onto investigating properties of 3D shapes. Towards the end of the week, you will be looking at 2D nets of 3D shapes.

In English, the focus is on newspaper reports. During the week, you will be looking at features of newspaper reports and investigating how they are structured. By the end of the week, I would like you to write a newspaper report about a real event in the news or an event that you have made up.

There are also other lessons you could try. In science, there continues to be a focus on electricity looking at electrical conductors and insulators. There is also an interesting lesson about a city in Brazil, which is has become a ‘green’ city that includes innovative design and holds sustainability at its heart.

Well done again to all those children who are continuing to complete the tasks on Active Learn. I have added some extra maths, spelling and grammar challenges for this week and please continue to practise your multiplication tables on TT Rockstars.

I look forward to hearing from you soon and I’m looking forward to read your newspaper reports.

Take care,

Mrs Bower

Sports week challenge

Your final challenge this week is a fitness one.

You’ll need a pack of playing cards for this one. Watch Mr Parry and Mrs Farrimond demonstrate what you need to do.

We hope you’ve had a great week doing these challenges.

Wrens Learn the ‘Superworm’ song

As our learning has been around the story book ‘Superworm’ this week, we decided to learn this song.





Sports week competition

Our key workers have been taking part in the competitions this week. Here they are doing the cricket challenge from yesterday. Don’t forget to email me your pictures so that I can add them to our website.

Home Learning – Wrens w/b 22/6/20

Hi everyone,

this week in school we have been basing a lot of our learning around the book ‘Superworm’. You can listen to it here if you don’t have it.



In literacy, we went on a digraph/trigraph hunt outside. You could make your own cards using scrap paper and the mat below. You could then get an adult to hide them outside, and then you go and find them. Every time you find one tick them off your mat. See below.

We then had a go at writing one word for each digraph and trigraph. e.g ‘ch’ = chip  ‘igh’ = night

We also read the story ‘Superworm’ then tried to create a new page for the book. What else could ‘Superworm’ be used for? He was used as a belt, a hat and a skipping rope etc. Can you think of another use for him? Write some sentences to create your own page or pages for the story book ‘Superworm’.

We also learnt about Earthworms, by watching youtube clips, and PowerPoints. Then we completed our charts below.

Creating these…


This week we have been working on halving.

We watched a halving story first.


We then used hoops and markers/bottle lids outside to halve amounts said. For example half of 2. Children found 2 lids/cones and then had to share them between the two hoops. We repeated this with different amounts up to 12.

or you can using these halving mats and objects.

Understanding the word

We have been learning about the life cycle of a worm, and creating wormeries. We created a life cycle of a worm hat to wear, whilst we sang our ‘Superworm’ song

see link below for the ‘Superworm’ song.


We have been busy making our own ‘Superworms’ too. like these below. We cut their body out of card, and then wrapped wool around them, creating a repeating pattern on them. We then made them red capes too.

We made pipe cleaner worms too.

We have also learnt to sing this song.


Have fun!

Love Mrs Marriott & Mrs Briggs

Sports week competition

Challenge 4 is gymnastics.

Watch the lovely Jude and Heidi demonstrate what you need to do.

Have a great day.

Sports week competition

Day 3 of the sports week competition is tennis.

Mr Tweed and Mrs Baird have done a video explaining the rules.

Have a great day.

Snowy Owls – Week beginning 22nd June

Hello Snowies

The Leavers’ DVD is now shaping up nicely. I’ve had some fantastic films of memories and lots of brilliant photos of what you’ve been up to in lockdown. Keep them coming!

Make sure you get your ‘I’m Still Standing’ Lip Sync videos to me by 3rd July. Either email the film to me directly or use www.wetransfer.com.

I’ve allocated two lines to everyone who has said they would like to be involved and I’ve sent this out. Please let me know if you haven’t received it. Make sure you stick to the lines you’ve been allocated! We’ve finished all of the clips allocated to children in school and they’re looking good! Feel free to sing in your clip if you would like to, but you don’t have to.

A huge thank you to the PTA for the gorgeous hoodies and to our fantastic parents for organising this. Here are a couple of photos of the children in school wearing theirs.

Do feel free to prioritise transition work from your new high school. I know some of you have quite a lot to do!

Otherwise, keep going with the Oak Academy work, TT Rockstars, Rising Stars and Active Learn – whatever works well for you. I have received some really excellent pieces of writing. Please feel free to send emails or photos showing me what you have been doing.

Best wishes – I hope to hear from you soon

Mrs Roberts