At Greenlands, every adult in school is committed to providing a high quality, engaging and meaningful education. We are incredibly grateful to the volunteers who help us in school – many of them parents – and we also owe a great deal to our governors and PTA. Thank you all!

Here is a list of our staff. Click on each name to find out a little more about us!

Head Teacher
Mr. A Wirth

Deputy Head
Mrs. K Roberts

Teaching Staff
Wrens (Foundation Stage 2) – Mrs. F Marriott
Robins (Y1) – Mrs. J ForbesMiss A Fisher
Chaffinches (Y2) – Mrs. C Bratt
Merlins (Y3) – Mrs. J Adams
Ospreys (Y4) – Miss M Baldwin
Golden Eagles (Y5) – Mrs. V Bower
Snowy Owls (Y6) – Mrs. K Roberts

Teaching Assistants / HLTAs
Mrs. T Briggs
Mrs. K Stafford
Mr. K Parry
Miss S Pearson
Mrs. S Inglis
Mrs. E Baird
Mr. S Tweed
Mrs. J Crossmore
Mrs. E Whittam

Office Staff
Mrs. J Croot
Mrs. D Renwick

Breakfast and After School Club
Mrs. G Smith – Overall Coordinator
Mrs. D Hollins
Mrs D Hopkinson

Site Supervisor
Mr. M Eccles

Clerk to the Governing Body
Mrs. A Humphries