Eco Amigos

Hi, we are the Eco Amigos at Anston Greenlands! We are a team of children who want to make Greenlands the most eco-friendly school on the planet!

Here are some things we have done in the past:

1. Installing Solar Panels

Our solar panels provide school with energy. They are a green alternative to the power we use – now, instead of using electricity that has been made at power stations, we can use the energy from the sun!

2. Recycling Batteries

We found out that batteries have a type of acid in them. When people throw their old batteries away, some of that acid can leak and damage the environment! To stop that from happening, we have decided to recycle old batteries – if you have any lying around you can bring them into school and put them in the box in reception.

3. Recycling Aluminium Cans

Don’t throw your aluminium cans away! We have a recycling station in our school reception area, where you can put aluminium cans, foil and packaging.

4. Saving Electricity

The children and teachers in school all know how important it is to save power! We have put special stickers on lights so we know whether they should be left on or not. We also turn off laptops and projectors when they’re not being used.

5. Recycling Ink Cartridges

Did you know that you can recycle ink cartridges? Just bring them into school and leave them in our recycling box!

Our Battery Recycling Station!

We’re really proud of what we’ve already done, but we don’t want to stop there – we are currently working hard to achieve the EcoSchools Bronze Award! If you have any sugestions for the Eco Amigos, please conact us using the form on the website.