This page will give you some key information about our Governing Body. If you have any questions that aren’t answered below, please feel free to get in touch!


Welcome from the Chair

I am writing to introduce myself as the Chair of Governors at Anston Greenlands Primary School. My name is Jane Walker and I have been part of the governing body since 2013. I initially became the Foundation Stage Link Governor as part of my role on the Governing Body.  I became Chair of Governors in 2017.

My previous background included working for the majority of my career within the National Health Service as a Physiologist within the Cardiology and Respiratory Departments in Sheffield and Rotherham. In addition I spent time working within the Youth Service and also with adults with special needs for 5 years.

I have a special affinity with Anston Greenlands School as both my children attended the school and thoroughly enjoyed the experience. My son is a Headteacher and my daughter was a Retail Buyer and is now also a teacher! Obviously the school had a positive effect on their future.

Anston Greenlands is a wonderful school full of happy and well motivated children who love to learn, supported and guided by our Headteacher and our excellent staff. Creativity is also at the heart of the Anston Greenlands experience.  The academy trust that they were instrumental in setting up is now called the “Creative Children’s Academy Trust”. The trust incorporates three schools which all have the same ideals, values and ethos.

I think that an important thing to note is that as Governors we are a collection of different individuals with different experiences who all work as a team. We are united by our commitment to our school and to the academy trust’s long term success.

Should you wish to contact me at any time please feel free to do so; this can be done via the school.

Kind Regards

Jane Walker

Chair of Governors


Our Role and Responsibilities:

Our Governors are representatives from the local community, parents, school staff and the Local Authority. They bring a range of interests, knowledge and skills to the school and all work in a voluntary capacity.

The Governors have responsibility for overseeing the strategic framework of the school including setting policies, approving the curriculum and overseeing the school budget.

The Governors support the Head Teacher and give feedback; recognising and celebrating the achievements, identifying where the school is not quite achieving full potential and providing support and encouragement when exploring ideas for improvements.

The Governing body works as a team with shared responsibilities. The main responsibilities of the Governing Body are to:

  • Set aims, objectives and targets for the school; to oversee and devise policies and procedures and to have a vision for the future of the school which benefits the children, staff and stakeholders.
  • Oversee that safeguarding policies and procedures are in place.
  • Ensure that the needs of every child are accounted for and to promote high standards of education and achievement.
  • Monitor that the school is doing what the Governing Body planned it should do by using the Head Teacher’s report, the School Improvement Plan, attending pupil progress meetings, visits to the school, committee reports, presentations by the Senior Leadership Team and speaking to the children about their school.
  • Set and approve the school budget ensuring best value is achieved.
  • Ensure the premises are well maintained.
  • Be involved in the life of the school, attending achievement assemblies, sporting, musical, enterprise and drama events and being involved in the PTA events.
  • Develop strong links between the school and the local community.
  • Have an independent view and act as a ‘critical friend’ to the Head Teacher and Senior Leadership Team.


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