Academy Trust

We are currently a single-school academy trust operating under the name of the Children’s Academy Trust. We have a child-centred ethos and we are committed to developing our practice to provide the best possible education for the children in our care.

We aim to provide the infrastructure and expertise to allow every child to fulfil their potential and achieve success, regardless of their starting points or circumstances.

We aim to ensure that every child and adult within our academy understands their responsibility to become responsible global citizens.

We aim to provide an innovative, stimulating and creative curriculum to enable our children to develop into inquisitive, independent and confident learners.

We aim for the whole school community to understand and believe in the secure foundations of respect, equality, challenge and support.

We aim to run our academy using the best environmental principles and practices. Furthermore we will educate our children to understand environmental issues and the need to consider impact alongside enterprise.

We aim to be at the centre of our communities, opening up our schools to local people and involving the school in worthy local projects and initiatives.

We aim to support our local community by buying locally whenever possible.

The trust previously included Listerdale Junior and Infant School and is currently in a development phase as we seek new partners who share our values and aims.

The trust’s annual accounts can be seen here.