All the way to the final!

2022-04-12 22:47:40 jadams

Well done to our Year 3 and 4 girls’ football team for getting through to the final of the Girls Football Schools Partnership .  They came third in the final after playing some superb football!


Well done girls!

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Splendid Spring in Ospreys

2022-04-12 22:35:17 mbaldwin

What a term we have had! From smashing scores on TT Rockstars to super scientists at our end of term event. Everyone has had a brilliant term.

As part of our Science Fair, we held a Greenlands Den. In groups, Ospreys had to design and create their own robots that would help children in everyday life. We saw some great contestants, but every competition needs a winner… Med Kit Mat stole the show and was crowned the winning robot from Ospreys. Well done to the creators of Med Kit Mat!

Another great highlight for Ospreys was the Rotherham schools football final, where our Under 9 girls played exceptionally well and finished third overall in Rotherham! What an achievement.

During this term, we had a great trip to Bradford Science Museum, which helped all the Ospreys in preparation for their own Science Fair. On the trip, Ospreys explored the history of technology and the many different aspects of science.

To end a wonderful term, Ospreys and Merlins held a fantastic Science Fair, where groups designed and created their very own science based models. From exploding volcanoes, to detective fingerprints, to electrical circuits creating light, movement and sound. The afternoon was filled with marvelous models and excellent scientific knowledge. A brilliant way to end yet another brilliant term.

Here are a few highlights from the term.


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The Science Fair!

2022-04-12 21:39:28 jadams

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All term we have been working towards our final event: The Science Fair.  Merlins and Ospreys worked in groups to decide which aspect of science they would like to incorporate into a display, game, experiment or working model. The main Science topics displayed were Sound, Electricity, Light and Shadows and Forces and Magnets. The leading up to it consisted of lots of team work and hard work.  The actual day of The Science Fair was a great success and enjoyed by all.  


The photos show the build up to the Science Fair and the actual event.

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National Science and Media Museum

2022-04-12 21:00:31 jadams

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We had an exciting day at Bradford’s Science and Media Museum. We explored the museum – the media part, looking at how films, still and moving, have changed over the last century or so. Children then got to explore the Wonderlab, and see Science in action: learning many new things as we explored.

Our final experience was to watch a 3D film about Antarctica, at the IMax cinema: it was enjoyed by all!


What a great day out!  See for yourself 🙂

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Science Detectives!

2022-01-05 19:12:24 jadams

What a great way to kick off our new term!

Children in Merlins and Ospreys’ new topic is ‘The Science Fair’ and they’ve spent the day carrying out Science experiments and being Scientists. The children also took part in a Science Detective workshop: they had to solve a crime by looking at clues and eliminating suspects through Science!

What a fun way to learn Science!


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