News just in...Wrens can make their own jam sandwiches!

2022-01-27 19:26:17 f-marriott

Today, we made jam sandwiches just like Alex eats from the Dragon Post story. First of all, we wrote a class set of instructions and then we set about making them.

We worked hard to use the knives carefully and accurately to spread the butter and the jam.  It wasn’t an easy task, but we persevered to achieve our end goal!

We then used the knife carefully and safely to cut our sandwich in half and then quarters.

Our favourite part was actually getting to eat them at the snack table.


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Destination Greenlands Park

2022-01-19 20:46:03 f-marriott

We have been helping out Alex from our story ‘Dragon Post’ today. He needed somewhere to take his dragon out to fly once a day. We thought Greenlands park would be just the right place to do this!

We decided he needed a map to get there, as he didn’t know his way around North Anston. To help us draw a map for Alex, we talked about what maps and what these are used for. We then looked at different signs and symbols we could use when drawing our maps.  After this, we decided it would be a good idea if we walked to Greenlands park, taking photos of the route as we went, as we could then use these when back at school.

When we arrived at Greenlands park we set about testing the space out. We all pretended to be a dragon.

We then went back to school and created our maps, using our photos to help us remember our route.

We did a GREAT job! Here are some of our maps, which we will be passing on to the book character Alex.


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Forest School Fun!

2022-01-14 16:05:43 f-marriott

We finished our ‘Forest School’ sessions off by toasting marshmallows and drinking hot chocolate. We had a great time!

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Let's Go Dragon Egg Hunting!

2022-01-10 16:46:05 f-marriott

What a great way to start off our new topic, which is based around the book ‘Dragon Post’.

We created dragon hats first.


We then went looking for all of our different patterned dragon eggs.


Some of us managed to find them all, which involved lots of running up and around the school grounds. We loved it!

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2021-12-17 07:00:19 f-marriott

Wrens have loved celebrating Christmas at school.  Just look at some of the things we have been doing.

Retelling the Christmas story with the lady from church.

Decorating the class Christmas tree.

Having our Christmas lunch wearing our party hats.


Taking part in the Christmas Nativity.

Wearing our Christmas jumpers.

Having a Christmas party and playing games.

Taking part in the Christmas fun run.

Making gifts, cards and calendars for our families.


Playing Christmas games in PE.

Sparkle the elf has kept us on our toes each morning!

Now it’s time to go and spend time with our families.

HAPPY CHRISTMAS everyone from Wrens!





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