Our First School Lunch

2021-09-16 13:44:39 f-marriott

Well, the day had finally arrived!

It was time to have our first school lunch. We did really well carrying our trays to our tables, but we do have some lovely ladies to help us too.



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We are having a GREAT time at school!

2021-09-13 16:28:55 f-marriott

We have been busy exploring our new learning environment.

Here are a few photos of some of us exploring indoors….

Here are some of us exploring outdoors….



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We're Going on a Bear Hunt......

2021-07-15 16:37:42 f-marriott

The children were so excited for today!

It was time for us to go on our ‘Family Bear Hunt’. The children had worked so hard to learn the story, and re-tell it.

They then set about creating story maps for their parents/carers to follow. They also put so much effort into creating props, signs and food for this event too.

Just look how much fun we had!

We went through the long wavy grass.

Through the deep cold river.

Through the thick oozy mud.

Through the big dark forest.


Through the swirling whirling snow storm.

Then they finally got to the narrow, gloomy cave.

We then got a certificate for re-telling the story at the end, which had our own footprint on and a photo with a bear.

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Adventurers need to eat....

2021-07-15 15:57:36 f-marriott

Well, after so many adventures we had become really hungry. It was time to toast some marshmallows and cook some hot dogs.


We then washed this all down with some hot chocolate!

It’s GREAT being an adventurer!

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Plant it, grow it, eat it....... Yum, Yum!

2021-06-24 18:09:13 f-marriott

We have been very ‘green fingered’ in Wrens. We have grown our own garlic.

We then prepared this and made some garlic butter, which we spread on our baguettes to make garlic bread.

Take a look at the end product. It was delicious!


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