Early Years Foundation Stage

At our school all of our classes are named after birds. We are known as Wrens, but we are also referred to as Foundation Stage 2 or the Reception class. Prior to starting with us children attend a variety of Foundation stage 1 settings. (Preschools, nurseries and childminders)

In Foundation Stage 2/Reception (Wrens), we follow the Early Years Foundation Stage curriculum and children are taught using a topic based approach. Learning is done through play, led by the teacher, with opportunities to apply knowledge through child initiated learning. We have a fantastic learning environment which enables children to be independent and take risks. Our outdoor area has been designed with the needs of young children in mind and it enables us to provide learning opportunities that are adapted to a wide range of learning styles.

We will be following the new EYFS proposed curriculum in September 2020, which is looking like this.

The main changes are to the ELGs and the wording, including:

  • Literacy goes from two ELGs – Reading and Writing – to three, now encompassing Comprehension, Word Reading, and Writing.
  • Mathematics loses Shape, Space and Measure, replaced with Mathematical Patterns.
  • Understanding of the World has split The World into Past and Present, and The Natural World, while losing Technology.
  • Personal, Social and Emotional Development now contains Self-Regulation, Building Relationships, and Managing Self, which it has taken from Physical Development.
  • Physical Development itself has now been split into Fine Motor Skills and Gross Motor Skills.
  • Communication and Language has lost one ELG, with Understanding folded into Listening, Attention, and Understanding.
  • Expressive Arts and Design have had slight changes in wording.