Merlins go into the labyrinth like Theseus hunting the Minotaur!

2022-06-23 20:41:16 jadams

Merlins had a visitor yesterday, a regular visitor to our school, Tracy. She came to teach Merlins about labyrinths: how they can be created and their usefulness. The children had recently heard the story of Theseus and the Minotaur and so were eager to find out all about labyrinths and how they can be used as a calming exercise. The children created their  own small version before going outside to create a larger-scale one.

Once the paint had dried we were able to try to work our way through the labyrinth from start to finish.

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S'mores for Merlins - their final Forest Schools Adventure!

2022-06-23 20:26:35 jadams

The children in Merlins got to learn about fire safety and then helped build a fire before toasting marshmellows to eat in s’mores: amazing! The children

also spent their time hunting for bugs, examining them in a magnifying jar and then identifying them. They found shield bugs, caterpillars, centipedes and ladybirds.

What a great way to end our Forest Schools lessons!


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Dens and dreamcatchers - more Forest Schools adventures for Merlins!

2022-06-23 20:09:55 jadams

Children in Merlins have been using skills learned previously in our Forest Schools lessons, to revisit some of their favourite activities: den-making and making dreamcatchers were firm favourites.


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Fun for Merlins as they learn more skills in Forest Schools!

2022-06-12 22:25:32 jadams

Merlins learned more useful and important skills last week in our Forest Schools lesson.  The children learned how to use secateurs safely. This skill was learned in order to use them carefully and properly to create some lettering out of branches, string and wool.

See what they’ve been up to.

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Merlins enjoying the Jubilee celebrations!

2022-06-05 23:35:22 jadams

What a fantastic week Merlins had, along with the rest of the school, in learning about the Queen and her reign, in preparation for her Platinum Jubilee. We also learned about the 1980s: about the Queen during that time, popular music, fashion, politics, food and events of the decade.  We created a collaborative collage of the Queen, which will be displayed in school. The children then celebrated further by eating Queen-themed buns and biscuits.  What a lovely week!



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