Chaffinches become librarians

2022-06-26 19:32:04 jforbes

Chaffinches visited Dinnington library last week and enjoyed taking on the role of a librarian.  They scanned books and got to grips with the Dewey system. Their favourite activity however was reading! I think the photos speak for themselves.

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A special visitor to Chaffinches

2022-06-19 19:27:37 jforbes

Over the last few weeks, Chaffinches have enjoyed learning about animals, including humans in our Science lessons.  We have been finding out about what humans need to survive and how we develop from a baby to an adult.  What better way to learn about this than by inviting a baby (and his mummy) into our class!  We prepared some excellent questions beforehand and typed them up in our ICT session. Jesse was a perfect visitor; he even allowed us to measure him so that we could record the measurements on a chart and plot his growth over the next couple of months.  Thank you Jesse you were a star!

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Keep Fit with Chaffinches Part 5

2022-03-14 19:20:22 jforbes

Another fantastic workout video from Chaffinches!  Enjoy getting fit with us and don’t forget to join us and our growing band of followers, on the infant playground every week at 8.30 a.m. for Wake Up Wednesday.

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Keep Fit with Chaffinches Part 4

2022-02-28 18:59:57 jforbes

It has been so lovely to see how many children and grown ups are now regularly joining in with our Wake Up Wednesday.  Here’s our fourth video to help keep  you all super fit!

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Happy Chinese New Year from Chaffinches

2022-02-14 18:51:19 jforbes

Chaffinches have thoroughly enjoyed learning about the Chinese New Year over the last couple of weeks.  They have learnt about how the festival is celebrated around the world and the history of its traditions.  The children have particularly enjoyed learning about the Lantern festival which is celebrated at the end of the 15 day period of festivities. They have produced some amazing artwork using the media of pastels and collage.  We have also continued our learning in our Design and Technology lessons, where we have made our own dragon sock puppets and have used them to retell the story of Nian.  The children also enjoyed developing their cutting, chopping and grating skills when they made their own delicious spring rolls.  Finally, in P.E we have also started to learn the Dragon dance.  Watch out for this dance in our Carnival celebration towards the end of the topic.

We hope that the photos and video will give you a little insight into what we have been up to.  Next celebration is Mardi Gras!



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