Chaffinches (Y2)

Happy Easter to you all!

2020-04-08 12:06:22 jforbes

Under normal circumstances, Wrens, Robins and Chaffinches would be singing a very special song at this time of the year.  It has become almost a tradition to sing this Spring song in the weeks leading up to Easter.  The children seem to love it and it brings a lot of smiles to many faces.  We hope that this version will do the same!!!

We wish all of the children and their families a very happy and healthy Easter.

We miss you. xxx

P.S. If you want to sing along to the original, or some may say better version see below 🙂





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STEM challenges!

2020-04-03 15:22:13 jadams


Two children are playing with three balls, one blue, one red and one  green.

They toss up the balls, which run down a slope so that they land in a row of three.

How many different ways could the balls land?

You might like to use the interactivity below to explore the problem.










How many eggs?


























Something extra!

Grimm and Co have published some helpful ideas online.

Here are some of the ideas they’ve sent to me.  Check out their website for any others.

Happy learning and happy Easter!

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Reading challenge!

2020-04-01 17:45:49 jadams

Hi to all Chaffinches.

Time for another reading challenge!

When you’ve read a few pages or a chapter of your book, try and act out a scene (part of what you’ve read) by playing one of the characters in your book.

And/or try to go on a Book Scavenger Hunt.











Archie’s blog

Hi Chaffinches,

I’ve had a very quiet few weeks, conserving my energy after all of my adventures with you.

Today has been the first day that I’ve done something energetic: I took part in Greenlands’ marathon.  I only managed to run 100m, but it helped.








Once I’d finished my run I tried to snooze in Alfie’s bed (see photo), but he just wanted to play.



I am really tired now but looking forward to my tea later – I’m having pizza, which is one of my favourite meals, as you know. I’m then going to read the next chapter in my book, ‘The penguin who wanted to find out.’  I can’t wait to find out what Otto gets up to next!

Tomorrow, we’re going to play Monopoly – I hope to win!

I will write to you all again soon, Chaffinches.  Please keep safe and healthy.

love from Archie 🙂





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Can you spot the Easter eggs?

2020-03-31 16:10:47 jforbes

If you are passing by school on your daily walk, have a look to see if you can spot the hidden eggs in the Wrens’ playground.

Happy Easter!

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News for Chaffinches!

2020-03-29 23:58:50 jadams

Here’s your new maths challenge.


You have a set of digits from 0-9

0  1  2  3  4  5  6  7  8  9

Can you arrange these digits in the 5 boxes below to make two-digit numbers as close to the targets as possible?

Largest even number    [][]

Largest odd number      [][]

Smallest odd number    [][]

Largest multiple of 5     [][]

Smallest multiple of 5    [][]


I’ll set a new reading challenge on Wednesday.

There will also be a blog written by our very own polar bear, Archie.


Spellings to learn – please make sure you know how to spell Year 2 common exception words – maybe practise 10 each week and then try to write them in sentences; which can be silly sentences!

Happy learning and see you soon

Love from Mrs Adams 🙂

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