We are very proud of our curriculum! Designed by staff and built around our children’s needs and interests, the entire curriculum has been rooted in exciting contexts, to engage children in their learning. Each term, classes work towards an outcome (for example a showcase event) so that everything they do has a real purpose.

Recent projects have included CSI Greenlands and The Escape Room (in Y5 and Y6), The World of Harry Potter and The Science Fair (in Y3 and Y4), The Banquet and The Enchanted Forest (in Y1 and Y2) and People Who Help Us and The Dinosaur Stomp (in Foundation Stage 2). You’ll be able find out lots about our projects on the class pages. These pages are full to the brim with photos, videos and blogs from all of our past projects and events, so you can have a look at all of the exciting learning that’s taken place in previous terms…

Our curriculum offers broad and balanced coverage of all age-appropriate maths and English objectives, as well as fully covering all foundation subject objectives as detailed in the National Curriculum. You can see which National Curriculum objectives are covered in each year by clicking on the “Long Term Plan” links at the bottom of this page. In addition to these objectives, staff plan specific learning opportunities in four extra areas which we believe are very important for our children. We call these areas our curriculum ‘drivers’ and they are:

  • Enterprise Education
  • The Arts
  • The Global Goals (with a focus on Climate Change)
  • Diversity and Cultural Capital


In addition to the above, phonics is taught using the Little Wandle phonics programme. (Click here for more information about about Little Wandle.)


Interested to learn more? You can read about our planning process in depth by clicking on these links:

Curriculum Document 1 – Example Long Term Plan

Curriculum Document 2 – Example Medium Term Plan

Curriculum Document 3 – Example Progression Plan

Curriculum Document 4 – Example Lesson Plan


Is your appetite for curriculum documents still unsated?! This document shows the National Curriculum objectives covered in each year group from Y1 to Y6. They have been created by distributing every objective from the National Curriculum and RE Agreed Syllabus across a two-year cycle. This is the foundation of our planning process; from here, progression plans and medium term plans are used to build upon the long term plan, ensuring that every curriculum area is covered in depth.

KS1 and 2 Long Term Plan 2022-2024

…and here is our long term plan for the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS):

EYFS FS2 Long-Term Curriculum Plan


If you’d like to know more about teaching in any particular subject, please feel free to browse the links below:

Art Progression Plan

Computing Knowledge and Language Progression Plan

Computing Skills Progression Plan

DT Progression Plan

Geography Knowledge Progression Plan

Geography Skills Progression Plan

History Knowledge and Vocabulary Progression Plan

History Skills Progression Plan

MFL Progression Plan

Music Progression Plan

RE Knowledge Progression Plan

RE Skills Progression Plan

Science Progression Plan