Anston Greenlands P.E. Kit

Every child in every class from Wrens up to and including Snowy Owls, needs to have PE kit in school every week throughout the entire school year.


  • A white collar t-shirt or a plain white round neck t-shirt with short sleeves.
  • A pair of black/navy blue PE shorts.
  • A pair of white sports socks.
  • A tracksuit (trousers and jacket) or a fleece/hooded top and jogging bottoms, ideally dark in colour.
  • A PE kit bag.
  • A pair of outdoor trainers and indoor trainers

Going shopping for a PE kit? Click here for a handy printable PE kit checklist.


During hot and sunny weather, a baseball cap is advised to be worn to shield children’s heads from the sun.  Parents/carers are encouraged to apply sun cream to their child before school to provide some protection from the sun and to bring in their bags sun cream so they can re-apply throughout the day.


  • Clearly label every item of your child’s PE kit so that we may give it back if found.
  • Long hair (boys or girls) should always be tied back to prevent entanglement in apparatus and to prevent obscuring vision.  This includes any child (boy or girl) who chooses to wear a long fringe that covers their eyes.  A hair band, hair tie or hair clips will all enable the hair to be kept away from children’s eyes.
  • Please give some consideration as to how you dress your child on the days they have PE lessons, especially children in Foundation Stage and Key Stage 1.  If you dress your child in tights and they cannot take them off or put them on by themselves, please teach them how to put them on by themselves, or place them in trousers.
  • All sports’ Governing Bodies insist that no jewellery may be worn at all during PE lessons, swimming lessons or extra-curricular sports clubs.  This includes watches, necklaces, bracelets (metal) and earrings.



Frequently asked questions….

Where can I buy the official Anston Greenlands PE kit?

Official items of an Anston Greenlands kit (shorts, t-shirt and PE bags) can be purchased from school. The office will happily order it for you. Alternatively, children are welcome to wear kit from any other supplier, so long as it meets the kit list requirements.

What days do children have PE and when do I need to bring their PE kit in?

Every class from Year 1 to Year 6 has two lessons of PE a week and there is a timetable of when their lessons are.  However, there needs to be some flexibility due to PE lessons sometimes having to change days (for reasons such as World Day, school trips, productions or adverse weather).  We therefore always ask that PE kits be taken home on a Friday and brought back into school on a Monday.  This means that your child should never miss a single PE lesson!

My child would like to get their ears pierced.  Is this allowed?  What happens when they have PE or swimming lessons?

We do prefer children not to have their ears pierced; any child who wishes to have them done should only have them done at the start of the six weeks summer holiday.  This allows the ears to heal properly and to be cleaned regularly to stop infections, before they start back at school in September.  The child (and the parents/carers of the child) with their ears pierced are solely responsible for removing earrings on the days that they have PE, swimming lessons or sports clubs.

You ask that children only wear Velcro trainers unless they can tie their own laces completely on their own.  Why is this?


One important part of being at school is to become increasingly independent and this includes being able to get undressed and dressed for PE lessons, including being able to put your trainers on and taking them off.  There are 30 children in every class and usually one or two members of staff.  If these members of staff have to tie up all 30 children’s pairs of laces every lesson, valuable time is wasted that should be spent doing PE.  If you want to buy your child trainers with laces, then this is of course absolutely fine.  But, please teach them how to tie and untie their laces, including doing a double knot for PE, before they wear them in school.  Otherwise, please make changing for PE easier for your child by buying them Velcro trainers.


Help!  I’m trying to teach my child how to tie their own shoelaces, but I’m struggling.  How do I teach them?

Teaching your child how to tie their laces is not always easy!  Below are 3 videos that may help you – they show different ways of tying shoe laces.  All 3 videos are useful for both right and left handed children (and adults!).