Wrens (FS2)

Our First Christmas School Lunch

2019-12-13 18:06:54 f-marriott

Wrens experienced their first school Christmas lunch today, wearing their fabulous Christmas jumpers.

They were certainly dressed for the occasion, as they also made lovely Christmas crowns to wear too.


Their first Christmas lunch was made by these lovely ladies.

Who also dressed for the occasion!

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Autumn Time in Wrens

2019-11-10 10:40:05 f-marriott

We absolutely love this season, as there is just so much you can do at this time of year outside and inside. We got busy using all of the lovely leaves that had fallen from the trees.

We made leaf crowns to wear for our autumn sing-song.

We created autumn place mats, clay leaves and tea lights.

We also stuck with the autumn theme for our biscuits. Here are our squirrel and leaf biscuits. Yum, Yum!

We learnt some new autumn songs, which we confidently sang in front of all our parents and carers.

We then worked with our parents and carers at some autumn activities.

We held a scarecrow competition with a twist. They all had to be linked to a book character. Take a look at the entries…

The winners were chosen by Mr Wirth (The Headteacher) and Mrs Bower (The Literacy Co-ordinator)

George Pig – from Peppa Pig & The Witch –  from Room on the Broom

Mrs Marriott & Mrs Briggs were blown away with our amazing hard work and effort. Bring on the next season!

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A first for something else...……. P.E day!

2019-09-30 18:45:15 f-marriott

Our first P.E lesson was finally here.


We warmed our bodies up first by playing the Bean Game’.

We then talked about space and spatial awareness. Then played ‘Rabbits and Burrows’.

We then used hoops and pretended that these were cars. We had to listen to instructions given and then carry these out. For example, Mrs Marriott said, ’roundabouts’ and we had to sit and spin in our cars.

We then continued to work on our listening skills, and played ‘Teacups and Saucers’.

We then worked in our teams, and did a little bit of running.

Mrs Marriott was so pleased with how quick we got ready for PE.



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Road Testing our Wellies

2019-09-30 12:47:11 f-marriott

We have had great weather lately, so we decided to road test our wellies.

We went looking for autumn leaves for some craft activities.

Team wellie photo!



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Food glorious food....

2019-09-24 16:29:39 f-marriott

We were invited to sample some of the hot school lunch options today.

Curry and rice went down a storm!

After a discussion with the children, they thought that they would choose some of these for their lunch.

A big thank you to the cooks for the lovely invite.




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