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What a great day Merlins and Ospreys had at Creswell Crags.  The children were able to walk in the footsteps of early humans and woolly mammoths through the dramatic gorge there. They were able to marvel at the Ice Age rock art still visible in the extraordinary caves. They were able to enjoy exploring amongst the timeless beauty of the woodland, meadow, and reflective lake.

The children learned that Creswell Crags is riddled with naturally-formed caves which were once home to Ice Age animals, Neanderthals and humans.
The site’s archaeology includes thousands of artefacts and fossilized bones and the only Ice Age rock art in Britain. Every object tells a tale of the deep history and illustrates the fascinating story of how people lived in what was once the extreme northern frontier of the known world.

The children were split  into “tribes” and then participated in different workshops: a cave tour where children learned about tools used in the Stone Age, survival skills where children got to build shelters and throw spears, and examine bones of wolves, lions and hyenas and piece them together.

What a fun, educational day we had!