Today we kicked off our new topic ‘It’s an Adventure’ with our ‘WOW’ day.

The children brought a teddy bear/soft toy into school; we then went and listened to the story ‘We’re Going on a Bear Hunt’ in our forest area. The children were very good at retelling the repetitive parts of the story. We then revisited adjectives and identified these in the book so that we could go back to class to write words to describe our teddies/soft toys.

We then went and played some games and sang some teddy bear songs.

We then finished our day off by going on a number bear hunt. Whenever we found a bear with a number on, we then had to double it. We were brilliant at this!


After this, we went and took our teddies/soft toys on an adventure by completing a mini assault course with them. Travelling over, under, in and across things. We talked about how in the story they use some of this language too.