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Hearty Harvest Festival

Robins and Chaffinches have been finding out all about harvest and they celebrated the end of the topic by inviting their parents and grandparents to attend an amazing harvest service. They entertained their families with songs, prayers and poetry and finished with a collection to support the homeless people in Sheffield as part of the Archer Project. Parents contributed produce and clothes, which will be greatly appreciated.

The guests then joined their children in the classroom to share the work they have been doing this term and they were served with delicious crumbles and scones. Everyone had a really enjoyable, celebratory morning.




Down on the farm!

This week, Robins and Chaffinches visited Whirlow Hall Farm. What a fantastic day we had!  During the day, we had a guided tour around the farm.  We handled many different animals; goats, chickens, horses to name a few.  The piglets were only a few weeks old and so cute.  We also worked very hard and carried out lots of jobs, just like real farmers!  We put on our gloves and wellies and got busy!  We collected eggs, groomed the horses and  undertook ‘pasture management’ – in other words we picked up poo!  Look at the pictures and you will see how busy we were and how much fun we had!

Dingle Dangle Scarecrow!

Robins and Chaffinches launched their new topic about Harvest and growing with a Scarecrow-making day.  Children were presented with a problem set for them by a real life Farmer.  Farmer Andrew sent a video asking the children to help him to protect his crops.  Eight teams of children worked well together to produce a variety of scarecrows.  Some friendly, some not, some tall and some small.  Lots of fun was had. At times, however, it was a challenge to actually see the hall floor!

On completion of the task, the children then voted for their favourite scarecrow.  Farmer Andrew is also hoping to visit to pass his judgement too!


Let’s take a walk on the wild side!

What an amazing day Robins and Chaffinches had as they opened their Wildlife Park to parents! When the gates opened, parents were greeted by a welcoming party and were given a map of the park, so they could explore it at their leisure. They wandered round various different habitats and found expert presenters, who gave informative talks about their animal and answered any questions the visitors had. They could visit the desert to find out about various snakes and meerkats.

The woodland experts talked all about foxes and owls.

In the polar regions, visitors were told all about penguins and polar bears.


In the savannah habitat, our giraffe and elephant experts were busy all afternoon.

Finally, in the aquarium, our fish and shark experts had lots of interesting facts to share.

Visitors to the park were entertained by two “flash-mob” dances of “The Lion Sleeps Tonight” and “The Monkey Dance”, which the audience thoroughly enjoyed.

A gift shop sold merchandise that the children had made and the café provided much appreciated refreshments on such a hot day.

All the visitors were impressed by the children’s work but also their amazing research and expertise.


Chaffinches and Robins walk on the wild side!

As part of our topic about Zoos, we visited the Yorkshire Wildlife Park to find out about the animals, their habitats and how a good zoo cares for its animals.  Polar bears, lions, leopards, meerkats and wallabies with their joeys were just a few of the many animals that we saw.

IMG_8015 IMG_7996 IMG_7992 IMG_7976 IMG_7962 IMG_7954 IMG_7494 IMG_7492 IMG_7490 IMG_7483 IMG_7458 IMG_7450 IMG_7443 IMG_7440 IMG_7433 IMG_8146 IMG_8117 IMG_8076 IMG_8069

We also were lucky enough to meet some of the animals close up in the discovery classrooms. We handled a gecko, an African land snail and a hissing cockroach. We found out so many interesting facts and information and, despite a gloomy weather forecast, we were very lucky to have a fine day.

DSCN3499 IMG_6858 IMG_6856 IMG_6850 IMG_6832 IMG_6831 IMG_6812 DSCN3511 DSCN3506

P1040319 P1040302 P1040273 IMG_8225 IMG_8206


We had so much fun that we were exhausted on the way home.


School assembly goes with a whizz pop bang!

A very special assembly took place last week. The assembly was held outside which was quite unique.  Children were asked to guess what Mr Bean, Harry Hill and Sir Chris Hoy all had in common?  The answer…they studied science at university.  The children also learnt how studying science can lead to lots of exciting careers and can take you all around the world.

Finally, the assembly also introduced a new club, Whizz, Pop, Bang – a science club for children in Year 1 and 2, run by KS2 children. The assembly may have been messy but it was certainly memorable with a super response by both KS1 and KS2 children.  Watch this space for more news about Whizz, Pop, Bang!

Robins and Chaffinches explore Anston and celebrate Easter with some local residents


Fully prepared with waterproof coats and picnics, we set off for our day out. First of all, we walked through the woods looking for signs of spring.  Mr Parry gave us some clues and explained how trees and plants change during the different seasons.  We saw squirrels and lots of different birds too.

We were also learning about different types of houses in Anston.  We walked to the Green and the Wells, where we heard about how Anston has changed over the years and how it is continuing to grow now.

The next part of our journey took us to Anston Brook, where we had some fun playing pooh sticks on the bridge.  Finally, it was time to have a rest and eat our lunch, but not before we had played some games and enjoyed the facilities at Anston Parish Park.

After lunch, we set off on our final mission to visit South Anston Methodist Church.  We learnt about how they are preparing for Easter.  The highlight however, had to be entertaining some local residents at their weekly Friendship Group.  We sang songs, told rhymes and played ‘Hot Cross Buns‘ on the handbells.  We saw lots of happy faces and they definitely seemed to enjoy receiving the bookmarks that we had made for them.  We arrived back at school tired but having learnt so much. It was an amazing day!


Robins and Chaffinches Rise to the Challenge at The English Institute of Sport

What an amazing day our classes had at The English Institute of Sport! We represented Italy and the day began with us doing a lap of the running track waving our flags, just as they do at the opening of The Olympic Games.

We had seventeen events to complete during they day, including high jump, long jump, hurdles, javelin, golf, sprinting and much more. Here we are all doing our very best in some of the events.

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We really needed our lunch after all the energy we had used up.


During the whole day, we had to show resilience and good team work. Here is our fastest girl winner proudly standing on the podium. We all received a special certificate to remember our day and, after our huge efforts at The English Institute of Sport, we all slept well that night.


Robins and Chaffinches celebrate Holi – the Festival Of Colours

This half term Year 1 and 2 are celebrating!

The celebrations started straight away when we came back to school by learning about Shrove Tuesday, its origins and traditions. The pancakes that we made were delicious! We then spent two weeks finding out about Mardi Gras and learning about how it is celebrated around the world.

This week, Robins and Chaffinches have been learning about the Hindu celebration of Holi. This spring festival, also known as the festival of colour, was celebrated world wide and in our playground on March 13th this year. The children experimented with Holi paints and worked collaboratively to create some super pieces of art work.

The highlight however had to be the throwing of special holi paint, a hindu tradition where children are allowed to play tricks and throw paint at their teachers.

Lots of fun, amazing artwork and some very colourful teachers!


Robins and Chaffinches ‘putt’ their design skills to the test

This term, we have been learning all about Italy’s culture, music, art, geography and history.  As part of this focus, we have also undertaken a huge design and technology project. To gather our ideas initially, we visited Paradise Island Adventure Golf and carried out an analysis of what makes a good mini golf course.  We then researched about the different landmarks and cultural aspects of Italy and these provided us with ideas for a possible Italian themed 9 hole golf course.  We used our research to design and then create our holes.



After having created our holes, we tested our designs in the hall and adapted them to make them successful.


Finally, we invited our families to try out our 9 hole golf course with us.

Robins and Chaffinches designed the score card and ran the whole event welcoming parents and grandparents, handing out equipment. At the end of the course parents were encouraged to fill out an evaluation sheet.  Here are some of their opinions and comments of the course.

“We thought it was brilliant and we wouldn’t change a thing”

“A lot of thought and preparation has gone into this event, it is obvious that the children have learnt a lot”

“It was very creative and imaginative”

Jason Ripley, the golf professional from Rother Valley Golf Course attended the event and gave us his encouragement, offering a few tips too and providing us with a trophy.