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If you go down to the woods today…

You may find lots of Robins and Chaffinches on a woodland walk! Exploring the beautiful woodland that we are so fortunate to have in our school grounds, was just one of the many activities that the children carried out on our Wow Day. Drama, dance, making edible nests and creating animals from natural resources, were just a few of the many activities that we squeezed into one day. We ended the busy day by starting to read our class book, ‘The Enchanted Wood’.

Special Christmas visitors challenge Robins to put their science skills to the test!

Whilst Robins were busy rehearsing for their Christmas production last week, it appeared that some sneaky visitors had lots of fun in their classroom. Robins returned to find chairs upturned and hoof prints all over the carpet! On inspection of the cctv footage, three of Santa’s reindeers had been into the classroom.

The dancing reindeers left Robins a letter, asking if they could put their science skills to the test and find a suitable material which could be used to make coats to keep them warm and dry at the North Pole.

Robins carried out several investigations and some of the science vocabulary that they used was amazing. Well done Robins on some super science work!


Chaffinches and Robins had a brrrrr…illiant time at Snozone!

What a super day Chaffinches and Robins had yesterday at Snozone, Xscape.  The children spent time in ‘extreme’ conditions, similar to the ones we have been learning about last half term.  See for yourselves, from the photos, as to how much fun we had!




Autumn walks, phone calls from Antarctica and lots of science – a busy week in Robins!

Robins have had a super half term and we finished it off with a very busy final week. On Monday, we had an ‘Autumn Day’. The weather was kind to us as we walked through the woods and around the park looking for signs of Autumn. We spotted conkers, squirrels, and a variety of different coloured leaves which we collected for our art activities that we carried out later in the day. Back at school there were delicious smells coming from our classroom as Robins baked gingerbread biscuits too. The following day, we were very excited to receive a very special phone call from a scientist who is working in Antarctica. She answered lots of our questions that we had prepared and sent us some amazing photos too.

Robins have also been learning about solids, liquids and gases and the processes of melting and freezing. Of course this had to be done in a fun way…so chocolate was involved!

Here are some photos to give you a flavour of our week.

Robins get a special visit from Firefighter Laing

This week Robins are reading a book called ‘Dragon Post’.  The story is about a boy called Alex and his pet Dragon.  Unfortunately, the Dragon keeps burning objects and so Alex writes a letter to the Fire Service to ask for help.

Robins have been learning about the job of a firefighter and today, we were lucky enough to have a real life firefighter come to our classroom to visit us and to teach us about fire safety. Mr Laing made the afternoon a lot of fun and we even got to wear his helmet and have a go at using a fire extinguisher too!

Reading with Robins!

What a lovely way to start a day! Lots of grown ups reading to us and also listening to us read to them. This happens every Wednesday morning in our classroom and it is something we look forward to.   Here are a few photographs from last week.

What a ‘scorching’ start to the year in Robins!

From making our own ice lollies to drinking hot chocolate with marshmallows, Robins have had a fun-filled and busy start to the year. We launched our topic ‘Fire and Ice’ with an amazing Wow day where we made beautiful snowflakes, caused volcanoes to erupt, used a variety of media to make giant flames and played ‘ice’ hockey too. Robins have settled in very well to their new routines and are already making super progress. In our English lessons, we have been looking at explorers, reading a book entitled ‘The Great Explorer’ by Chris Judge. We even had a go at hot-seating in a drama lesson and two of the characters came to visit our classroom (see the photos). We have made parachutes, drawn our own numberlines outside in maths lessons and have been dancing like penguins. We have also sorted clothes into those that you would wear in a hot country and those which are more appropriate for a cold country. Today we have been learning how to find the Arctic and the Antarctic, using globes, maps and atlases. What a fantastic start to the new academic year. Well done Robins!!



Chaffinches and Robins go wild at Woodside Wildlife Park!

What a fantastic time Robins and Chaffinches had at Woodside Wildlife Park.  We were able to see some amazing animals, some of which are usually found in the rainforest.  Children were able to see birds of prey, a tiger (rescued from a circus), bats, meerkats, lemurs and a sloth (Sid).  As you can see from the photos, children had the chance to handle or stroke some of the reptiles and they loved it! We learned a lot about these amazing animals and about the habitats that they usually live in and the food they eat.


‘Everyone’s a reader… some just haven’t found their favourite book yet’ – KS1 Book Club celebration

Over the last few months, several children from Year 1 and 2 have been taking part in a Book Club. They have enjoyed reading several books, have written detailed book reviews and have attended several meetings where they have discussed elements of the books and have shared their opinions on the various texts. This week, we ended Book Club with a celebration event.  We played games and shared our views on books and authors. There was also an opportunity to take part in a competition to design an alternative book cover with some super new books as prizes. Well done to all the participants, we have had lots of fun sharing our love of books together.

Rain rain come and stay, Robins are going out to play!

The wet and dismal weather did not manage to put Robins off having lots of fun during our Forest school lesson. Dressed for the weather in our waterproofs, we made dens with tarpaulins for shelter, we hunted for worms, slugs and snails and we had lots of fun using the rainwater to help us to create mud art. We made sculptures, we drew pictures, we let our imagination go wild, making pretend cups of tea, mudcakes and just generally having a great time splashing in the puddles. At the end of the session we had a special treat, we slid down a water slide whilst giving our feedback on the session. As you can imagine all the comments were favourable!

“I loved finding the worms”, “My favourite bit was playing in the puddles”, “It was brilliant making the dens and hiding in the woods”, were just a few of the comments from the children.


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