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Happy Easter to you all!

Under normal circumstances, Wrens, Robins and Chaffinches would be singing a very special song at this time of the year.  It has become almost a tradition to sing this Spring song in the weeks leading up to Easter.  The children seem to love it and it brings a lot of smiles to many faces.  We hope that this version will do the same!!!

We wish all of the children and their families a very happy and healthy Easter.

We miss you. xxx

P.S. If you want to sing along to the original, or some may say better version see below 🙂





Bonjour les enfants!

Let’s practise our counting and colours in French.  Join in and then have a go at playing the game at the end. See if you can teach your grown up and try and catch them out.  Bonne chance!

I am also attaching another song that that we have been learning together at school – the french version of Hokey Cokey.  Apologies in advance adults, it’s one of those songs that sticks and can be quite annoying – haha!

Hello Robins!

Before any work posts, I just wanted to share these photos of the cards that Robins made just before we closed.  I have sent them to 2 different Residential Care homes, one in Dinnington and one slightly further afield in Mexborough.  I think that you will agree they will certainly brighten up someone’s day.  🙂

Hopefully, you will all be enjoying the lovely sunshine.  Remember it is the Easter holiday now, so take time to take a well-earned break.  There is no expectation that you will be working over the Easter break, but here are a few ideas if you do want to keep busy.


In class we had started to learn how to tell the time – to O’clock and half past. What about making the most of the lovely weather and recreating this in your garden?

Remember that the hour hand goes half way between the numbers when it is half past the hour.

Easter Egg maths

This is a lovely game to play with a grown up. You could make your own counters (I would make little Easter eggs or dare I say it, use sweets!)  If you can’t put your hand on any dice, try making your own spinner with a pencil and a paper clip. Good luck and happy adding!

Eggs in the nest -addition



A company called myON are currently offering free access to over 6000 digital books. I have had a look and the books cover many topics; ranging from animals and insects, to dinosaurs and drones.  I think there is probably something for everyone and some of the books may help if you are doing a ‘project’ at home.


Take care and have a Happy Easter!!! xxx


Can you spot the Easter eggs?

If you are passing by school on your daily walk, have a look to see if you can spot the hidden eggs in the Wrens’ playground.

Happy Easter!

Robins Maths Challenge

Hello Robins!

We hope you are all enjoying the time you are spending at home with your family and hope you are all being good!

In our last Maths lesson at school, we were thinking about measuring in centimetres. We went on a Spring Hunt in the school grounds and found different objects to measure.

Here is a link to the maths game we played at the beginning of the lesson which you all enjoyed – have a go at playing it at home and see what things you can measure in your house.

Stay safe everybody!

Love Miss. Fisher and Mrs.Forbes

Bonjour tout le monde!

Bonjour!  I hope that you are all well.  A few children have asked if we can carry on practising our French together – what a great idea!  So here’s a short video with one of the rhymes that we have been learning, plus a new one too!

I am also attaching one of our favourite songs which is also suitable for older children.  Adults can join in too!–ks2-mfl-french-greetings-with-ben-shires/zdpdvk7

Amusez-vous bien!

À bientôt,

Mrs Forbes

Free Maths resources from Carol Vorderman – The Maths Factor

For those that didn’t see this on GMB this morning, this fantastic resource is currently free.  It matches the National Curriculum and Carol also mentioned that she is giving an adult’s maths class this afternoon online!



Super Spellers

Hi Robins,

Here are the spellings for the next three weeks. It would be good if you could practise them at home, just a few each week.  Test your grown ups or pretend that you are a teacher!

Spellings (3 weeks)

Solve the problem of the magic beans!

Magic Beans Treasure Hunt

Hi Robins, hope you are all well.  Just a little maths problem to keep you busy.  You don’t have to print off the problem, you can write it out on a piece of paper.  Happy problem solving!

Treasure hunt rules magic beans

Ideas for reading at home

Please find below a link to Oxford Owls Reading scheme.  At the minute they are offering free access to their library of over 100 ebooks.  The books link to our phonics scheme and the children will be familiar with some of the characters. You just need to sign up as a parent.

Happy reading!