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If you go down to the woods today…

You may find lots of Robins and Chaffinches on a woodland walk! Exploring the beautiful woodland that we are so fortunate to have in our school grounds, was just one of the many activities that the children carried out on our Wow Day. Drama, dance, making edible nests and creating animals from natural resources, were just a few of the many activities that we squeezed into one day. We ended the busy day by starting to read our class book, ‘The Enchanted Wood’.

It’s WOW day in Wrens!

Our topic this term is called ‘Into the Woods’. All of our learning will be based around the story Gruffalo to begin with, so we went into the woods to listen to the story.

We then made character hats.

We then tasted some Gruffalo story related food.

Then during PE we travelled like the different characters in the story. Then we learnt the Gruffalo song, and put some actions to this.

We are learning this Gruffalo song. I thought you might want to sing along at home with your child. Have fun!


Merry Christmas from everyone at Anston Greenlands

French Christmas Market

On Monday 16th December, the Snowy Owls and Golden Eagles held a spectacular French Christmas Market for the local community and the younger children in school. As you can see, there was a café serving delicious French food and drinks, games of Bingo, Dobble and Pelmanism to help younger children learn French, and a range of beautiful decorations to buy. The hot chocolate reindeer and Santa Sleighs proved very popular, as did the chocolate tombola. In the hall, a variety of games, such as Spin the Wheel, Lucky Dip and raffle went down a treat. The Photomaton (or photo booth) was lots of fun. The adults involved were so impressed with the children’s versatility and independence.

In total, a fantastic amount of £250 was raised. We were delighted to welcome our friends from Kindness & Co into school on Friday to accept our donation.

A huge thank you to all parents, friends and carers for your support and your fabulous French accents!

Dans La Rue Principale …

After a great deal of hard work and resilience, the Snowy Owls have completed the buildings for our French high street. Aren’t they beautiful?

We just love celebrating Christmas in Wrens

The build up to Christmas has been GREAT fun at school.

After celebrating our first school Christmas lunch, wearing our fabulous Christmas jumpers, we got busy making Christmas cakes.

We all made a Christmas wish, whilst giving it a stir!

We helped to decorate our class Christmas tree.

We then got dressed up to take part in our first school Christmas play, which was called ‘Children of the World’. Here are some of us ready to go on stage…..

We had two songs to sing on stage, but we also had to learn dances too. We did all of this in front of a HUGE audience.  Some of us volunteered to also speak on  stage, which meant learning some lines.

We then went to Tesco to spread some Christmas cheer, and sang more Christmas songs.

We did some Christmas maths, and wrote letters to Father Christmas.

We were then very lucky to have a visit from a lady from church. She brought some large puppets with her, which we used to re-tell the Christmas story.

We would like to wish everyone a HAPPY CHRISTMAS!



Our First Christmas School Lunch

Wrens experienced their first school Christmas lunch today, wearing their fabulous Christmas jumpers.

They were certainly dressed for the occasion, as they also made lovely Christmas crowns to wear too.


Their first Christmas lunch was made by these lovely ladies.

Who also dressed for the occasion!

French Christmas Market Adverts

Take a look at Golden Eagles’ and Snowy Owls’ adverts for their French Christmas Market stalls:


Special Christmas visitors challenge Robins to put their science skills to the test!

Whilst Robins were busy rehearsing for their Christmas production last week, it appeared that some sneaky visitors had lots of fun in their classroom. Robins returned to find chairs upturned and hoof prints all over the carpet! On inspection of the cctv footage, three of Santa’s reindeers had been into the classroom.

The dancing reindeers left Robins a letter, asking if they could put their science skills to the test and find a suitable material which could be used to make coats to keep them warm and dry at the North Pole.

Robins carried out several investigations and some of the science vocabulary that they used was amazing. Well done Robins on some super science work!


Anston Greenlands Comic Con