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Meet the Student Leaders – Road Safety Officers

Our job as the Road Safety Officers is to help children stay safe on the roads around school and to cross the road safely. We want to educate children on crossing roads and make sure that they are able to choose when and where would be the safest place to cross a road. This is important because some children don’t know how to cross the roads safely so we feel it’s our job to teach them.

Meet the Student Leaders – School Council

The School Council have been elected by our classmates. Over the year, we organise different events for our school to enjoy. We helped make the Scrap Store Play Pod for the school. We also help with lots of great activities and try to make the school as fun as possible.

It’s an important role being a School Councillor as we have to listen to the different ideas children have and try and get these things to happen.


Meet the Student Leaders – Science Ambassadors

We are the Science Ambassadors and we carry out lots of science experiments. Every Monday, we hold a club for KS1 to give them an opportunity to test out lots of fun experiments. Also we organize different events for the whole school; for example, we once organized a poster event to see how much they know about science.

We want to try and show children how exciting science is and how much fun you can have doing different experiments. Science is for everyone to enjoy!

Meet the Student Leaders – Sports Leaders

We are the Sports Leaders: our main role in school is to promote fitness and healthy lifestyles. We offer the opportunity for all children to take part in lots of different activities throughout the week. Also, we have held different events that the whole school has taken part in such as: Bike It, Invictus Games, Circutathon and a Duathlon. We have many more to come!

Meet the Student Leaders – Reading Champions

We are the Reading Champions. We make sure the school library is appealing and clean. In March, we organized World Book Day and judged the different costumes that children came to school in. Additionally, we make up different stories for children to enjoy. We read with other children throughout school and share stories. Also, we organise the book exchange and run the Book Fair for everyone to visit when it is in school.

Meet the Student Leaders – Ground Force

We are the Ground Force Leaders; we spend our time outside improving, tidying and organizing the grounds around our school. We are very lucky to have the beautiful grounds that we have around us that we can enjoy. Also, we improve the environment for our local community.

Meet the Student Leaders – House Captains

We are House Captains and we are the leaders of our school teams – Beech, Oak, Ash and Rowan. We organize events and competitions for the school to enjoy. Also we raise money for charities – for example we held a Toy Sale and raised money for Thornberry Animal Sanctuary and Bluebell Wood.

A Romp through the Rainforest

The children in Robins have been developing their balancing skills and improving their core strength by taking part in a Rainforest Yoga session. We have been stretching our arms like toucans, our backs like anacondas, bending over like waterfalls and holding other poses including a Kapok tree pose, a howler monkey pose and a piranha pose amongst many others. The children were amazing, carefully trying to balance and move like animals from the Rainforest. See if you can recognise any of the animals from their poses.

The Tempest

Golden Eagles have had two fantastic drama sessions exploring The Tempest. We have created shipwrecks, spirits and wild dogs.

It’s Raining, It’s Pouring………

Well, the weather wasn’t great yesterday, so we used our time wisely!

We went and ticked off another one of our ’50 things to do before we leave Greenlands’.

Here we are playing in the rain.