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Dipping Our Toes into Anston’s Ancient Past

Robins and Chaffinches classes ventured out to explore Old Anston and to discover all about life in our village over 300 years ago! We were joined by Dr Bob Gellatly, our resident expert on all aspects of Anston’s history, who told us all about the village’s interesting past. We explored Greenlands Park and found out that it was originally a quarry whose limestone was used to rebuild the Houses of Parliament after a fire. We visited Anston Hall and discovered that the row of shops, known locally as ‘The Ponds’, was originally a large farmhouse, which belonged to Squire Wright, who lived in the Hall.

We were interested to see all the different houses on The Green and then we dropped down to explore ‘The Wells’, which provided fresh water for the village. Finally, we walked to Ryton Road to see how much it had changed in 300 years. We had a very memorable, fascinating day and the children were, once more, excellent ambassadors for our school.

Anston – Now and Then

During the week beginning 25th July, we held a whole school local history and geography week. As part of this, all children from Year 1 to Year 6 visited the National Coal Mining Museum near Wakefield. We had a superb day, visiting the pit ponies and pit baths, finding out what life was like for Victorian child miners and experiencing a fascinating underground tour in the company of a miner. Oh … and there was a great playground too!

A huge thank you to all those parents and grandparents who filled in our survey. We found it extremely interesting to discover what life was like when you were ten.

Bugsy Malone

Congratulations to our amazing Key Stage 2 children on their fantastic production of Bugsy Malone. Singing, acting and dancing were all superb. We know that parents, carers, family and friends must be as proud as the adults in school. Well done!

Movie Night

A huge thank you to the PTA for funding an evening to the Savoy Cinema in Worksop for the Snowy Owls. As you can see, we had a great time!

News Flash! …….Wrens Attend Pirate Training Day

On Tuesday 5th June, Wrens attended interviews for a job they had applied for on-board a pirate ship.

As a result of everyone being successful at their interview, they were able to attend a ‘Pirate Training Day’ the next day.

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They had to work on lots of skills to enable them to become fully qualified pirates. Arragh!!!!!!

Here they are working on their aiming skills……..

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Here they are working on their map reading skills……..

Their hard work paid off. Shiver me timbers!!

Here they are learning to work as a team…….

IMG_9733 IMG_9736

(Playing Battle Ships)


Here they are working on their balancing skills……..

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Here they are working on their listening skills……..


(Playing the Pirate Island game)


As a result of all their efforts at training, they are now qualified pirates! Yo ho, yo ho, it’s a pirates life for them!

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They are just awaiting their pirate passports now, and then they will be off on their first pirate adventure.


Fun with Coding!

On Wednesday, all classes in KS2 were visited by Steve from Creative Learning. He taught us how to create algorithms to code little spherical robots called Spheros. We programmed the robots to react if thrown with a force greater than 3g, inputting instructions for them change colour, make animal noises and even wriggle around!

Robins and Chaffinches visit Creswell Crags


What a fun-packed day at Creswell Crags!  Robins and Chaffinches took part in several activities.  We learnt about instruments from the Stone Age, this was a very hands on workshop and we made quite a din playing instruments made from shells, bones and antlers.  We also made shelters and took part in target practice, throwing spears at a dummy reindeer.   The highlight though for most of us was the visit to the caves.  We imagined what life would have been like all those years ago and turned the lights off on our helmets to experience the darkness of a cave.  The weather was beautiful, so we benefited from having a picnic outside in the sunshine.  As always, the children were exceptionally well behaved and great ambassadors for our school.



It’s official that Wrens are mathematicians!

We have been using Maths apps on the ipads today!

We helped each other to solve the addition and subtraction number problems that we were given.(We were just like Tim and Tom the Teamwork Twins!) We used all of our Maths strategies to achieve this.

Look at us in action! We were amazing and thoroughly enjoyed this session.



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If you would like any information about the apps used in our lesson today, please just ask a member of Wrens staff.


Robins get to grips with imperative verbs and Woolly Mammoths!


Robins have had a fantastic week reading the book, ‘How To Wash A Woolly Mammoth’.  We have written instructions on how to make a Woolly Mammoth from a milk bottle and we have also been making short films, giving instructions on how to wash a cuddly toy.

In order to be successful, we had to use imperative verbs (be bossy!) and use time conjunctions too.  See if you can hear any!

We also finished our fabulous week by visiting the woods, where Mr Wirth made a fire for us and we toasted lumps of ‘Woolly Mammoth’ on a stick.



We’re going on a Woolly Mammoth hunt!

As part of our investigation into Stone Age life, Robins and Chaffinches classes went on an exploration of Anston Stones Wood, what an exciting time we had!

The children took part in many activities, including exploring Dead Man’s cave, making woodland music, creating natural sculptures, a scavenger hunt, games at the park and playing pooh sticks too.

We were joined for the day by a local councillor, Mr Ireland and Claire Moseley, a park ranger.

We learnt a lot about the early history of Anston, the excavations that have taken place and the artefacts that have been discovered there. We have used this information back in school.

We were extremely lucky with the weather and had a super day in the sunshine and a picnic on the park. There were many highlights to the day, but here are a few photos to remember the day.