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Fun Grammar Games

Here are a couple of grammar games that you might like to play either on your own or with multi-players.


Take Care

Mrs F

Easter Fun Activities – Wrens

Hi everyone, I am missing seeing your little faces!

I have popped some Easter activities on here today, which you could pick from. Thought it might keep you busy, but also get you excited for Easter. I am!

Parents, if you ask your child to draw several Easter eggs, if you have any coloured paper use that, but if not you could get them to just draw the eggs and colour them in.

This would also help with the development of your child’s fine motor skills.(cutting particularly)

Once your child has several eggs created, draw them different lines across the eggs like in the picture, and ask your child to use scissors to cut them following the line to create two halves. (use scissors under supervision)

These eggs could then be used for a maths activity too by simply adding dots on one half of the egg, and the corresponding number on the other. (e.g. 11 dots and number 11) Then mix them all up and ask your child to count the dots on them and find the right numbers to match.

Why not get the paint out, if you have some? Create Easter eggs like the ones in the picture below. You could get your child to cut them out to create Easter cards or join them together with string to create some Easter bunting to hang read for Easter Sunday.

Here is something to develop their ICT skills, but also their creativity. Decorate your own eggs online.


You could have a go at this Easter online word search too.


I have attached some Easter egg hunt clues, which you could either print off (if you can) or copy them down for an Easter hunt on Sunday.


Have fun, and I will be touch again soon.

Love Mrs Marriott x


‘Dave the Dog’ book for young children – explaining the coronavirus

Found this book, which has been made for our little ones who maybe worried about what is currently happening.


Lots of Love to them

From Me (Mrs Marriott) and Mrs Briggs x

Keep Smiling

Made with a little help from key worker children.

Maths Challenges – Wrens

Here are three new ideas to help with developing your child’s maths knowledge.

Challenge 1 – Number Line Run

Why not draw a number line outside with chalk 0-20.

Then ask your child to..

  1. Go and run to say 7. Then repeat changing the number.
  2. Ask them to run to the number 1 less than 10. Then repeat using different numbers e.g. 1 less than 12, 1 less than 17, 1 less than 4.
  3. Ask them to run to the number 1 more than 8. Then repeat using different numbers.
  4.  Ask them to jump on the numbers all the way up the number line saying what they are and then back down it.

Challenge 2 – Coin sorting

If you have a bit of spare change around, you could draw some circles on paper and label them. For example – 1p, 2p, 5p, 10p etc. then ask your child to sort the coins into the correct circles.

Then to develop their coin vocab, ask them to tell you which coins they have sorted.

Challenge 3 – Doubling Fun

If you have a small mirror, this is a great way to learn about doubling. You can use any objects, such as coins, sweets, Lego, counters etc.

If you don’t have a whiteboard and pen, just use paper to write your doubling number sentences. Work on doubling 1,2,3,4 & 5.

At the end you could sing our doubling song.

Double 1 is 2 – Tap it on your shoe.

Double 2 is 4 – Stamp it on the floor.

Double 3 is 6 – Do some finger clicks.

Double 4 is 8 – Stand up straight.

Double 5 is 10 – Let’s do it all again.

We hope you like our suggestions and have fun completing them.

Bye for now

Mrs Marriott x


Reading & Spelling Task for Wrens

Hi, hope you’re all well, and behaving for your family. I have set you some tasks now to help you continue to develop your reading and spelling of words.

t-l-90101-phase-2-to-5-high-frequency-words-word-mat-_ver_2 (1)

As we can’t write you any more words to read in your home learning book, please use the list above to complete the two tasks below.

Task 1

Adults : ask your child to have a go at reading the words, starting at phase 2, and working along the phases. As your child is doing this, please make a note of the ones they need to work on as they are going along. If your child manages phase 2, move to 3 and then 4.

Then on another occasion, you could work on the words they initially struggled with, and keep working on these.

Task 2

Adult: You could then work on the spelling of these words. Again start with phase 2, and then if your child manages this work on 3 & 4.

You could use chalk outside, magnetic letters, a whiteboard and pen, or just a pencil and paper. Whatever makes it more interesting for your child.

Have fun!

Mrs Marriott x


Design Challenge

This is very topical and could be lots of fun! Good luck!

Robins Maths Challenge

Hello Robins!

We hope you are all enjoying the time you are spending at home with your family and hope you are all being good!

In our last Maths lesson at school, we were thinking about measuring in centimetres. We went on a Spring Hunt in the school grounds and found different objects to measure.

Here is a link to the maths game we played at the beginning of the lesson which you all enjoyed – have a go at playing it at home and see what things you can measure in your house.

Stay safe everybody!

Love Miss. Fisher and Mrs.Forbes

Starters for STEM

There are some fantastic, practical ideas here for developing children’s science, technology, engineering and maths skills. The first four are aimed at children aged between 5 and 7; the others are for KS2 children. However, feel free to go with what interests you! If you click on the links, you will find a wide range of excellent linked resources.


Spring Challenge – top tips for attracting birds into your garden

Morning Merlins!

Giving birds a helping hand by providing supplementary food is a great way to help nature and you don’t need a huge space. Whether you want to put up a window feeder or open a bird café. Click on the link below to find some more top tips for attracting birds into your garden.

Have fun!