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Dipping Our Toes into Anston’s Ancient Past

Robins and Chaffinches classes ventured out to explore Old Anston and to discover all about life in our village over 300 years ago! We were joined by Dr Bob Gellatly, our resident expert on all aspects of Anston’s history, who told us all about the village’s interesting past. We explored Greenlands Park and found out that it was originally a quarry whose limestone was used to rebuild the Houses of Parliament after a fire. We visited Anston Hall and discovered that the row of shops, known locally as ‘The Ponds’, was originally a large farmhouse, which belonged to Squire Wright, who lived in the Hall.

We were interested to see all the different houses on The Green and then we dropped down to explore ‘The Wells’, which provided fresh water for the village. Finally, we walked to Ryton Road to see how much it had changed in 300 years. We had a very memorable, fascinating day and the children were, once more, excellent ambassadors for our school.

Chaffinches Open Their Fairy Garden

Some of the children in Chaffinches officially opened their fairy garden this week, inviting all the school to come to the Grand Opening. These enterprising children have spent a long time designing and making a beautiful garden to attract fairies to our playground. First of all, they wrote a letter to Mr Wirth asking if he would buy some buildings so that they could set up the garden. They were amazed when he replied to their letter and brought with him fairy houses, lamp posts, a bridge and trees!

The children have used all of these and other buildings that have been donated by people with their own fairies in their garden to create this wonderful garden.

The garden was then officially opened this week and the teachers and children came from all over school to hear the children’s speeches.

Hopefully, now the fairies will come and play and really use this beautiful garden.

Robins and Chaffinches Rise to the Challenge at The English Institute of Sport

What an amazing day our classes had at The English Institute of Sport! We represented Italy and the day began with us doing a lap of the running track waving our flags, just as they do at the opening of The Olympic Games.

We had seventeen events to complete during they day, including high jump, long jump, hurdles, javelin, golf, sprinting and much more. Here we are all doing our very best in some of the events.

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We really needed our lunch after all the energy we had used up.


During the whole day, we had to show resilience and good team work. Here is our fastest girl winner proudly standing on the podium. We all received a special certificate to remember our day and, after our huge efforts at The English Institute of Sport, we all slept well that night.


Robins and Chaffinches Host a Merry Medieval Banquet

Robins and Chaffinches welcomed the Lords and Ladies of Anston to their Merry Medieval Banquet.

After weeks of planning and preparation, the day had finally arrived. On Thurs 17th November, Robins and Chaffinches welcomed nearly 100 guests to Greenlands Castle.

The day before had been spent working in the sweaty kitchens peeling, scrubbing and chopping the vegetables to make the potage for the first course. The menus had been planned and written out, the tables had been laid, with special care and attention given to the Lord’s table.

The Lord arrived and the festivities commenced…

We read prayers to begin the banquet.

Some children read poetry about castle life and visits from friendly dragons.

The Lords and Ladies of Anston were served delicious food by very hard working servants.

The Lord and his guests were entertained by jugglers, jesters, acrobats and dancers too.

Finally, the children sang a beautiful version of Greensleeves. The Lord thankfully gave all the servants and entertainers his thumbs up and they settled down to sleep by the fire.

Everyone had worked really hard to create a very enjoyable banquet.

Chaffinches’ Visitors’ Centre

Chaffinches opened their classroom as a Visitors’ Centre when parents and grandparents came for the school open afternoon .

Our entire visitors’ centre


They were able to show visitors all the fascinating research and information they have gathered about “Wild Anston”, the creative work they have done and they were experts to guide visitors. Here is just some of the work they were able to share.

Research on the school habitats

Riddles on woodland mammals

Reports on those mammals


Minibeast shape poetry

Place mats and clay tiles




Press pad printing

Tree identification

Close observational pencil work





Minibeast shelters we built in the woodland

Our visitors played the board games we had designed

We had an amazing time sharing our learning and knowledge with all our visitors.

Chaffinches visit the Dinnington Community Woodland

What an amazing time we had at the Dinnington Community Woodland! We visited to be able to compare the wildlife in the pond and meadow habitats with the habitats we have been investigating in our school grounds. We were met by two rangers, Paul and Hannah, who took us out into the meadow. We had to sweep the grass carefully with huge nets, fold the net over to capture flying mini-beasts and then put our findings into pots, so that we could observe them more closely.

We then moved off to the pond to see what creatures we could find. We found such a variety.

We were amazed to find two male newts and we were lucky enough to see their orange undersides.

We had a really exciting afternoon.

Chaffinches’ World Premiere of their “Healthy Challenges” Film

The children in Chaffinches held the World Premiere of their film “Healthy Challenges”, which included activities that encourage a healthy lifestyle. The event was extremely well attended by parents, grandparents, brothers and sisters. They were treated to French singing, exercise routines, fruit juggling, a cookery class, a gymnastic display, blindfold food tasting and a session of superb football skills. Everyone who attended the event will be in no doubt as to what can make them maintain a healthy lifestyle! Thank you to everyone who came.

Chaffinches Visit the English Institute of Sport

The children of Chaffinches’ class went to the English Institute of Sport, Sheffield on Friday 11th March. We have been learning about keeping a healthy body and we wanted to try out lots of different sports that they have in the Olympics. We represented Jamaica.

The sports we tried were long jump, parachute games, high jump, relay, sprint, egg and spoon race, hurdles and aerobics. My favourite event was the parachute games because we worked as a team and I liked going under the parachute.

By Faith Benson

My favourite event was the relay race because we ran around the whole track and we could run as fast as we wanted.

Oscar Gilbert

My favourite event was the sprint to find the fastest boy and girl because it was very competitive and hard. There were a lot of events to do – it was breath-taking.

Albie Smith

We were very lucky because, as we were pushing ourselves to the limit, Jessica Ennis-Hill was practising her hurdles on a track at the side of the main track.


We  had a really enjoyable day, although we were exhausted.

World Book Day

The whole school celebrated World Book Day by coming to school dressed as our favourite book characters. Everybody made a huge effort and we were able to see each other’s costumes in our assembly. Here are just a few photographs of all the classes.

A winner was chosen from each class and here are the winners!

Chaffinches learn about keeping healthy teeth



Nicola and Laura, two dental nurses from Dinnington, visited Chaffinches’ class to talk to us all about keeping our teeth healthy as part of our topic this term. They taught us so many new things and also reminded us of the importance of keeping healthy teeth. They talked to us about the changes that are happening to our teeth right now because we are seven years old. We are losing our milk teeth or “deciduous” teeth to make way for our adult teeth.

They showed us how to properly clean our teeth using an enormous model and they shared some photographs of what happens to teeth if we don’t look after them.

They played a game with us where we had to decide which foods and drinks were good for teeth and which were bad. We were shocked to find out that orange juice is bad for our teeth because it has too much acid and that flavoured water is also bad because it has more sugar in it than a fizzy drink!

When they left our class, they gave us all a useful “goody bag” with games to play, stickers, toothpaste and a special egg timer that shows us when two minutes have finished, which is how long we should brush our teeth for. We really enjoyed their visit and learnt so many new things.