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The G Factor – Open to any act (or)

At Anston Greenlands Primary School the Y5 and Y6 children are in the process of producing a magnificent talent show open to the whole school.

Possible acts could include singing, dancing, rapping, gymnastics/acrobatics, balloon modelling, circus skills, juggling, magic, miming and comedy/joke telling.

Anyone can enter the semi-finals, which will take place in school time in the week before the half term holiday (week beginning 11th February). Two acts from each class will be chosen for the final. The finals will be held in the school hall on the evening of Wednesday 3rd April. Parents and friends will be able to buy tickets for the event.

You are allowed to bring props and costumes which you will have to provide yourself. If you have your costumes and props ready for the semi-final, you might stand a better chance of getting to the final!

You can only enter one act, so choose carefully!

Acts can have between one and five people.

There will be four different prizes – two for KS2 and two for KS1. For 1st place you could win £20. For 2nd place you could win £10. However, if you’re in a group you will have to share the prize with your team.

Any money we raise will go to two different charities:

Age UK (including Age International) support, inspire and enable older people in the UK and in some of the poorest people around the world.

Jessop’s Appeal supports the Jessop Wing of Sheffield Teaching Hospitals. Around 8000 babies are born each year at the Jessop Wing. This includes caring for around 900 critically ill and premature babies in one of the largest and most specialised Neonatal Intensive Care Units in the country.

Baudelaire Burn Down Escape Room – The Results Are In!

We wanted to say final thank you to those of you who supported and visited our escape room.

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Here are a few photos to show you what the children were up to whilst you were working hard in the room:

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We were particularly delighted to welcome the team from Escape Sheffield. As expected, they made it out in an impressively fast time. The children really appreciated their fantastic feedback on our puzzles and room design.

With a finishing time of just over 42 minutes, the team at the top of our leader board were the Super Six. Their team work was amazing and they were a joy to watch. Well done!

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What a fantastic set of contestants!

A huge well done to all the brave guests who tried out our Baudelaire Burn Down Escape Room. We think you will agree that it was a tough challenge; the children were very impressed with your problem solving skills, though several said that the thing they enjoyed most about being Games Master was watching you struggle! Thank you so much for the incredibly positive comments on our feedback forms. We will share some of these with you soon.

Here are the first few photos – more to come …

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They Escaped!

With just ten seconds to spare, our brave test group, The Greenlands Gladiators, made it out of the Baudelaire Burn Down escape room.

Not only were they the first to try out our room, they also had to do it whilst being watched on camera by fifty children and several members of staff!

Their team work and problem solving skills were outstanding.

Will you beat their time?

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We can smell the burning…

Be quick. Be speedy. Don’t get caught by the fire. Seven days left until the party begins.

Time is running out…

Solve the puzzles quickly because the flames are rising and time is running out. There are only eight days left until you are put to the test. Will you survive?

Time is ticking…

Eight days to go until the party starts. Get here quick – who knows what will happen next?

Are You Ready?

Only nine days! We are waiting for you to come and try our fiendish puzzles. Can’t wait to see you. Jump into the book…

A piece of the puzzle?

We are counting down the days and setting up the room. Will you escape or be locked away in the room forever? You have ten days to prepare …

It’s getting warmer …

We are getting warm by the fire in the Baudelaire mansion and preparing their house warming party. Only 17 days left until the party kicks off …