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If you go down to the woods today…

You may find lots of Robins and Chaffinches on a woodland walk! Exploring the beautiful woodland that we are so fortunate to have in our school grounds, was just one of the many activities that the children carried out on our Wow Day. Drama, dance, making edible nests and creating animals from natural resources, were just a few of the many activities that we squeezed into one day. We ended the busy day by starting to read our class book, ‘The Enchanted Wood’.

Special Christmas visitors challenge Robins to put their science skills to the test!

Whilst Robins were busy rehearsing for their Christmas production last week, it appeared that some sneaky visitors had lots of fun in their classroom. Robins returned to find chairs upturned and hoof prints all over the carpet! On inspection of the cctv footage, three of Santa’s reindeers had been into the classroom.

The dancing reindeers left Robins a letter, asking if they could put their science skills to the test and find a suitable material which could be used to make coats to keep them warm and dry at the North Pole.

Robins carried out several investigations and some of the science vocabulary that they used was amazing. Well done Robins on some super science work!


Autumn walks, phone calls from Antarctica and lots of science – a busy week in Robins!

Robins have had a super half term and we finished it off with a very busy final week. On Monday, we had an ‘Autumn Day’. The weather was kind to us as we walked through the woods and around the park looking for signs of Autumn. We spotted conkers, squirrels, and a variety of different coloured leaves which we collected for our art activities that we carried out later in the day. Back at school there were delicious smells coming from our classroom as Robins baked gingerbread biscuits too. The following day, we were very excited to receive a very special phone call from a scientist who is working in Antarctica. She answered lots of our questions that we had prepared and sent us some amazing photos too.

Robins have also been learning about solids, liquids and gases and the processes of melting and freezing. Of course this had to be done in a fun way…so chocolate was involved!

Here are some photos to give you a flavour of our week.