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Anston Greenlands Comic Con



Ospreys’ natural art

Ospreys took advantage of Wednesday’s good weather and created some Marvel and DC natural art. Can you work out which logo is for which superhero?


Merlins and Ospreys are Choccywoccydoodah!

What a fantastic start to the term we’ve had in Merlins and Ospreys. It’s only the beginning of our topic and we’ve already tasted lots of chocolatey treats.


Last Monday was our WOW day. The children worked on a carousel of activities – these included making and tasting some authentic Mayan hot chocolate, designing and making some fantastic Aztec masks, a chocolate quiz with blind chocolate tasting and a science activity where the children looked at how chocolate could melt and solidify. The afternoon saw the children taste a cocoa bean – they were surprised by the bitter taste. A poem/music making activity followed this and no wow day would be complete without a choco-latte dance – ask your children for a demonstration! We finished the day with hot chocolate and a story.


Last Wednesday, we had our visit from Carl who works for The Ministry of Chocolate. We all had such a fantastic day and got to learn so much about where chocolate comes from, the farming process, fairtrade and chocolate tasting. The children ended with making their own chocolate. They worked incredibly hard to become level 10 chocolatologists. Keep an eye out for your invitations to our chocolate masterclass where you will get to learn how to gain the same accolade!

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More mysterious murders!

It is with great sadness to inform you that there have been two more murders. Sir Michael Grove was the first to kick his clogs. His body was recovered by deep sea divers after being alerted to the scene by fishermen who recovered a number of strange items alongside the body of the former Minister for Education. The discovery of Grove’s body is being treated as suspicious. The timing of his death is unbelievable as he had just announced that he was cutting funding for local arts, dance and new author projects, closing small theatres, preventing all overseas performers from entering the country and closing all Youth Hostels and residential centres.

Nothing has been confirmed but there is something very fishy going on!

The second murder has come as something of a shock to the Greenlands community. Poor JJ Rowling, famous author of the Barry Potter books, has today been found dead at the bottom of a cliff close to Boggle Hole Youth Hostel near Robin Hood’s Bay. No one saw Ms Rowling in the hours before her death but she did tweet twice yesterday evening. The first tweet was information about her new book, all about a child who grows up in a lighthouse. The second was a bit more concerning. She tweeted “Late night at Boggle Hole – weird noises outside. Going to investigate. Wish me luck!”

A number of objects were found around her body, including:

  • A camera
  • A hammer collection including a gavel, a geological hammer and a reflex hammer
  • An English/French pocket dictionary
  • A ripped name badge with the letter C visible
  • A notebook with what appears to be the start of a new children’s novel

We have quite a lot of guilty looking suspects.

Claudia Winkletoes and Tess Weekly were said to be fuming about the funding cuts Grove made. Rita Snorer has even released a controversial song about the lack of financial support!

Theresa May-Nott and Margaret Hatcher have made no secret about their dislike for the politician.

Maybe Judge Pinder can explain where his gavel is? Or can Dr Stitch and Dr Blood explain their whereabouts on the night of the murders?

One thing is for sure. PC Solve, PC Crime and Detective Cell don’t seem to be doing much to solve these crimes. Does that put them in the frame?

Keep checking our website for more updates!

There’s been a murder! Golden Eagles and Snowy Owls need to find out whodunnit!

Earlier this week the Snowy Owls and Golden Eagles children were greeted with a task, to solve a murder! They carried out a white powder investigation to try and crack the case.

Each child is now a suspect and has been given a name and job. Below are a few examples of our could-be criminals.

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Only today another murder has taken place. This time is was Professor Brian Fox who croaked. He was poisoned while filming for a new documentary near Flamborough lighthouse around some rock pools. A few things were found near Fox’s body: a fossil, a charm from a bracelet, a notebook with a torn out missing page and an arcade token.

It’s not looking good for Gary Gambles and Freddie Sparkles, our amusement arcade owners. I wonder whether our lighthouse keepers, Arthur Lightson and Gordon Flash saw anything?

Keep checking the website for more updates and hopefully no more murders!


Bradford Media Museum trip blogs by Golden Eagles

The Bradford Media Museum

On Wednesday the 18th of May 2016, Golden Eagles and Snowy Owls went to the Bradford media museum, because of our topic, ‘The Silver Screen.’


The IMAX Cinema

The IMAX cinema was one of the first things we did at the museum. We went in and two men gave us our 3D glasses, we walked up some stairs we saw a huge cinema screen! The film we watched was called space station, me (Millie) and Holly didn’t really like it. We would like to float round in space though, that would be AMAZING!!


Experience TV

Experience TV was awesome! We walked into the gallery and we saw lots of different sets, like a blue background and you went on it then the other person chose the background for you, some of the backgrounds were, telly tubbies, coronation street, the BBC weather, it showed you on TVs all around the room! Another set was a house set; there were two proper cameras that you could film with! Holly kept photo bombing the scenes J

Games Lounge

The fun games lounge was a room with lots of old video games like manic Minor, Pac Man, Sonic the hedgehog and space invaders. Millie’s favourite game was manic minor J Holly’s favourite game was Pac Man.


Kodak Gallery

The Kodak gallery was a cool gallery that explained all about cameras and how they first were made and first turned out. There were things you could try out like cameras and more scenes. It was very interesting and we learned a lot from it.



Life online

Life online was really interesting, in the floor it had all the phones and computers how they changed over the year from 1980s to present day. Holly, Bethan and Mrs Bratt did a quiz about privacy and we had camera watching us and we had to shut all the cameras down. For each question we got right a camera shut down. We only got one wrong!


Animation Gallery

The animation gallery was Holly’s favourite bit of the museum because it had the last remaining Wallace and Gromit set there.

It had pictures on the wall of how animation had changed over the years and had models of some famous animations such as The Wombles and Smash aliens.


Magic Factory

The magic Factory was amazing because it had a giant mirror which made you look like a troll. The shadow trap was pretty good and when it took a picture of you, you looked behide you and your shadow was still there! Another thing in there was the camera where you could spy on people.



The workshop was called lights, camera action!! I got to go up a make a shadow crocodile and the lady showed us some pictures of us that she secretly took. There was a really embarrassing photo took of Millie!! Poor Millie L There was teddy bears that sung and it was funny.


Favourite Things

Holly’s favourite thing was the magic factory and the animation gallery. Millie’s favourite part was the magic factory and the games lounge.

By Millie and Holly




Our Trip at Bradford Media Museum

On Wednesday 18th May 2016 Golden Eagles and Snowy Owls went on a fantastic visit to the Bradford Media Museum. This was because our topic is about the silver screen.


The first thing we did was go into the IMAX screen. I enjoyed this because it was 3D and looked very realistic! The film was about how the space station originated and it told you lots of information about it.

Experience TV

I liked seeing the TV’s and also seeing what they were like in the past. I thought this was good because it showed you lots of different things about televisions. Also it showed you some facts.

Games Lounge

The games lounge was the best place ever. Cameron’s favourite game was an addictive game where you have got a block and you try to hit a ball to the other side to get a point. Bethan’s favourite game was Pac Man because it’s very fun to play.

Kodak Gallery

Kodak gallery is about lots of different cameras and filming. We loved the part where there were cameras and you got filmed. We were acting out that we were police.

Life online

On life online we played a game and we had to answer questions about the internet to turn the internet cameras off. Also we could walk over glass and underneath there was lots of different computers and we learned lots of things about technology.

Animation Gallery

Animation gallery was our second favourite place in the media museum. I loved that you could spin things and get movement out of them. We also liked that they moved.


Magic Factory

The magic factory didn’t have any magic but lots of special effects in films, these could be used in any films that are on TV now.


In the workshop we learned all about lights, camera, action. We also learned lots about reflection and invisible light. This was fun because we could find out how hot or cold we were by colours and camera. We could also try to make three bears dance and sing by reflecting light onto them.

Bethan’s favourite part of the day was the IMAX screen because it was exciting about what was going to happen next. Cameron’s favourite part of the day was the games lounge because he enjoyed playing the different types of games from the past and the games that we play now.


By Bethan and Cam


Our Trip to the Bradford Media Museum


On Wednesday the 18th of May Snowy Owls and Golden Eagles went to the Bradford Media Museum because our topic is the Silver screen.



First we went to the IMAX theatre and watched a film called Space Station, it was all about the creation of the ISS (International Space Station) also it was in 3D.


After, we had lunch and we put all of our bags and coats away.


Experience TV

Then we travelled to Experience TV which was about how TV’s started and how much they’ve advanced from then. Also you could be cameraman/women for a while or an actor/actress on a green screen.


The Magic Factory

The magic factory was fantastic (Mia) my favourite part of the factory is the Silhouette pictures because it was unique to look at your shadows. In the magic room there were different types of machines to see what things you could do with a few pieces equipment.


Games Lounge

(Alex) Mine and Mia’s favourite game was Pac-man and Fearne’s was let’s dance, some of the games are Space Invaders, Sonic the Hedgehog, Frogger, Pac-man, lets dance ect.


Animation Gallery

The animation gallery told us about how the animations were created like The Simpsons, Wallis and Grommet, The Martians. There is the last Wallis and grommet scene left.


Lights, Camera, Action!

In the workshop we learnt about how lights travel in a straight line and we used the infa-red invisible torches and it landed on Mrs. Bratt’s face and she had to make a scary face.


Kodak gallery

In the Kodak gallery we saw the different types of cameras through the ages from 1950s-2000s. There was a machine where you looked into it and turn the handle and you could see a mini movie.


Our favourite place was the Experience TV because we could be a TV!


By Mia, Alex and Fearne


National media museum


On Wednesday the 18th of May 2016 us, Golden Eagles went on a trip to the national media museum because we are learning about the silver screen and how films are made.


One of the best experiences was the IMAX because we got to watch an out of this world documentary about living in space. In the film the astronauts stayed in space for four months, also they made different extensions like a laboratory to do experiments which we can’t do on earth because of the gravity.


Another amazing thing we saw was the experience TV room where we saw lots of old TVs and BBC cameras and they were huge! Also there was a movie set for a house with old cameras that actually work. Me (Jamie) cam and harry pretended to be police men and made a tense police movie. Katie’s group went on the green screen and turned the background into the tellie tubies and did the whip and the nae nae.


Then we went into the games lounge where there was lots of old arcade games like pac-man and sonic and street fighter. My (Katie) favourite game was pac-man and I nearly got to level two, I had five circles left! My (Jamie) favourite game was pong where you play against someone and hit a ball over to the over side to get a point.


After the game lounge we went to the Kodak gallery with loads of old cameras and gadgets with flash cubes. Also there was a box with about a thousand pictures inside it and when you turned a handle it flicked the photos and it looked like a stop frame animation, it was amazing.


Next we went to life online where it has old gadgets and gizmos from 1980s to 2010s and lots of computers and ipads.


Next we went to the animation gallery where they had all the history of animation. They had lots of sets including the last real Wallace and Grommet after the unfortunate fire. There was a circular rotating disc that when you spun it looked like an animation.


Then we went to the magic factory where there was loads of illusions and science mind tricks there was a photo room where you got your picture taken then when you look behind you your shadow was captured.


Last we did the workshop, lights, camera, action where we learned about light. The guide, Brooke showed us a ‘magic’ trick. First the box was empty, then she told us to think of an item then she opened the box and pulled out some pants and said “whose are these!” then I (Jamie) caught them and waved them about and said “Yay, pants!” then through them back to the front and they hit Katie on the head! It was so funny!


By Katie and Jamie



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Reading buddies

Robins and Golden Eagles have been enjoying their reading buddies sessions on a Friday morning.




Sports day 2015

Wow! What an amazing day we all had for our annual sports day. The whole school dressed in their team colours and competed in their teams to score points. The morning began with all children taking part in potted sports and then they moved on to some competitive races. Wrens, Robins and Chaffinches took part in a quoits balance race and Merlins, Ospreys, Golden Eagles and Snowy Owls raced on space hoppers! All classes then competed in a relay race.


A very well done to the winning Rowan team.

DSC06436 DSC06437

Tag Rugby

Congratulations to the children who wook part in the Tag Rugby tournament at Dinnington Comp on thursday 16th April. The year 5/6 children came third and the year 3/4’s came in second place! What a fantastic achievement.

The wonderful world of Harry Potter

Wow! What an amazing term Ospreys had at Hogwarts! We have been busy experiencing the wonderful world of Harry Potter. Year four made mud faces in the Forbidden Forest, we went on a dragon hunt, invented our own dragons, solved mathematical wizarding problems and produced powerful potions.


Ospreys had a fantastic trip to The Harry Potter Studios where we explored the film sets and even got to fly on a broomstick and in the flying car. We were so inspired by this trip that we decided to design our own broomsticks and produce our own TV advertisements. Some members of Ospreys were star struck when they met some of the animal cast! We were amazed at the size of the film sets; we got to walk through the grand hall, browse the shops in Diagon Alley and stand on the corner of Privet Drive.


To celebrate the end of our topic, Ospreys were invited to attend Hogwarts for the day. We were sorted into our house teams by the sorting hat. We made butterbeer and cauldron cakes and experienced a potions lesson. Muggles’ Quidditch was lots of fun and we used the Marauders Map to solve Harry Potter questions!

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