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Happiness is a day at the BEACH!

Well we ticked off two of our 50 things before we had even arrived at the beach.

We travelled on a coach.

We travelled on a train.

We arrived at the beach eager to eat our packed lunches.

Then it was time to have some fun on the beach. We made sand sculptures, went beach combing, made sand castles and played bat and ball.

Then just before it was time to leave, we went for a paddle.

We had a brilliant day, and the weather was very kind to us.


Sizzler of a Sports Day!

The day had finally arrived! The sun was indeed shining on Greenlands sports day 2019.

We kicked off we our mini-potted sports, which had been given a new look, and a few new additions.

The new water potted sports went down a storm. Just take a look at some of the children in action.

We then moved to our competitive sports, which after weeks of measuring and more measuring of the track, worked out well!

Our spectators enjoyed their refreshments of bacon baps, and tea and coffee.

Mr Parry organised some  toddler races, and we finished off with a parents tug of war. The parents were really keen to get involved, and it brought our brilliant sports day to an end.


The whole event was very well supported by our wonderful families, and Liam Kay and his sports leaders from Dinnington Comprehensive.

The winners of sports day 2019 was Beech (Yellow)

A big well done to them and all the children that took part.








Pirate Training School

On our travels we met some pirates, but they were very busy developing their pirate skills.

Here they are working on their balancing skills.

‘Walking the plank me hearties!’

Here they are working as a team, and developing their aiming skills.

‘Battleships me hearties!’

Here they are working on their catching skills.

‘Cannonballs me hearties!’

Here they are developing their observational skills.

‘Finding an island me hearties!’

Here they are developing their map reading skills.

‘Treasure hunt me hearties!’

Here they are developing their sharing skills.

‘Sharing the booty me hearties!’

They had a great time at pirate training school.

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Happy Father’s Day!

Your child has learnt this little song to say Happy Father’s Day.


Hope you wear your tie with pride. Happy Father’s Day!



Fruit Tasting in Progress……

Well we had read the story, wrote about it, and drew pictures of the animals from it. It was now time for the best bit! It was time to sample the fruits from the book ‘Handa’s Surprise’. The children were really excited to try some of the fruits, but obviously not others.

There were some interesting faces, as children stepped out of their comfort zone, and tried some fruits which were new to them.

The children then recorded which fruits they liked and disliked. We found that three children liked six of the seven fruits available.

It’s Raining, It’s Pouring………

Well, the weather wasn’t great yesterday, so we used our time wisely!

We went and ticked off another one of our ’50 things to do before we leave Greenlands’.

Here we are playing in the rain.

WOW! – Wrens fly off to Africa

The children arrived today in their holiday clothes for our flight to Africa.

They then set about writing luggage labels for their backpacks, and then filled in the necessary details on their passports, which would allow them to travel to Africa.

They then passed through security, and had their passport checked and stamped.

They then boarded the plane and took a seat.

The children then listened and followed the instructions given by the pilot.

The in-flight entertainment was then switched on, which was an African safari film, and they were served refreshments.

Let’s see what we get up to whilst we are on our holiday in Africa!



News Flash!! – Wrens get celebrity status

Wrens have worked their socks off this term creating their film ‘Zog’, for our final event.

We wanted parents/carers to come and view our film, so we wrote them an invitation. They all received popcorn on arrival, which went down really well.

The film was really well received, and got raving reviews by our audience. Here it is for you to enjoy too!

I think it’s official now!

Wrens now know the story ‘Zog’, by Julia Donaldson inside out.

We also decided to sing ‘ A Million Dreams’, as this is one of our favourite songs at the minute, but also as it’s about dreams.

We also got some great donations for our raffle as well. Here are a couple of them.

We would like to say a big thank you to everyone for all their support, and generosity.

Mrs Marriott, Mrs Briggs, Mrs Whittam and Wrens x




Happy Mother’s Day!

We have been busy making cards for our lovely mums, and learning to sing this song for them. They do an amazing job, and we just wanted to say… Happy Mother’s Day to them!

Shrove Tuesday – means it’s time to eat…. PANCAKES!

Wrens helped make, and obviously eat pancakes at snack time.

They had a choice of various toppings, which made them go down so well.

It also gave them an opportunity to work on those knife and fork skills too.

The children all talked about how they were going to be celebrating ‘Shrove Tuesday’ with their families too. We then went and made a special delivery, which was greatly received.

A big thumbs up for ‘Shrove Tuesday’.