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Meet the Kings and Queens of Greenlands Primary!

We had a lovely walk to Greenlands park today. We all walked really sensibly with our adults, and we were also able to use our road safety knowledge to help us get there safely.

We all worked together as a team to collect autumn leaves, and then we set about making our crowns.

What do you think?

We were all very impressed with our crowns!


Wrens Spread the Word About Healthy Eating!

We are learning about people who care for us, but we want everyone to also look after themselves too.

We decided it would be a great idea to spread the word about eating healthy foods by singing our new favourite song.

Please sing along!

We then had to eat all of the fruit up.

The next day we tried the vegetables too.


We have been using our tallying skills today.

We went outside to look closely at the trees in the school grounds. Mrs Marriott asked us to work in pairs to tally the different trees that we could see.

We then counted our tallies and discussed our findings. Our knowledge of ‘Tally Mark Tim’ came in handy today!

It’s PE time for Wrens!

It was PE day at last, and we were all so excited!

Well, we made it into the hall and our first job was to find a space.

We then travelled in different ways. Mrs Marriott kept checking if we had put our listening ears on, as she kept shouting freeze to try and catch us moving!

We played a ‘racing car’ game. This involved collecting passengers along the way.

We then played some team games, which involved running and using some small equipment.

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We were brilliant!

We love learning outdoors in Wrens!

We have been so busy outside this week.

Mrs Marriott managed to take a few photos of some of us drawing members of our family.

Artists at Work!

We then gave our wellies an outing!

We went to look at how our outside environment is changing. We found lots of different coloured leaves, and we also brought some back into the classroom for some of our focus learning activities.

It’s official we are loving autumn!

Our first school lunchtime!

We were all so excited to stay for our very first school lunch.

We sat with our friends and we all tried really hard to eat everything up!

Mrs Marriott, Mrs Briggs and all of our lovely helpers were so impressed with us.


News Flash! …….Wrens Attend Pirate Training Day

On Tuesday 5th June, Wrens attended interviews for a job they had applied for on-board a pirate ship.

As a result of everyone being successful at their interview, they were able to attend a ‘Pirate Training Day’ the next day.

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They had to work on lots of skills to enable them to become fully qualified pirates. Arragh!!!!!!

Here they are working on their aiming skills……..

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Here they are working on their map reading skills……..

Their hard work paid off. Shiver me timbers!!

Here they are learning to work as a team…….

IMG_9733 IMG_9736

(Playing Battle Ships)


Here they are working on their balancing skills……..

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Here they are working on their listening skills……..


(Playing the Pirate Island game)


As a result of all their efforts at training, they are now qualified pirates! Yo ho, yo ho, it’s a pirates life for them!

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They are just awaiting their pirate passports now, and then they will be off on their first pirate adventure.


It’s official that Wrens are mathematicians!

We have been using Maths apps on the ipads today!

We helped each other to solve the addition and subtraction number problems that we were given.(We were just like Tim and Tom the Teamwork Twins!) We used all of our Maths strategies to achieve this.

Look at us in action! We were amazing and thoroughly enjoyed this session.



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If you would like any information about the apps used in our lesson today, please just ask a member of Wrens staff.


Wrens go on litter patrol at their local park!

We decided to walk to our local park to tidy it up, as we feel it is very important to look after our local environment and our planet.

We went armed with our litter pickers and gloves, to help us to keep safe from the germs.

We split into small teams to ensure we could cover all of the park and off we went! On our travels around the park we saw some local people who were so pleased to see us, and they thanked us for our efforts.

Well after a couple of hours we had managed to fill several bags with litter. Whilst we were collecting the litter we discussed what the litter was and what it was made of. We were amazing!!!

Mrs Marriott and Mrs Briggs gave us all a sticker for working our socks off!

We hope you enjoy the nice clean park, and please remind people to put litter in the bin.


love the Wrens x