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Wrens Home Learning – w/b 29/6/20

Hi everyone,

we would just like to start by saying to all who are home learning, keep up the great work! We are obviously missing seeing your little smiley faces, but we are loving your emails and photos. Please keep them coming.

This week in school we have based our learning around the book ‘Norman the Slug with the Silly Shell’. It did make us giggle when we heard the story.

Here is a link for you to listen to it.


As Norman flew off at the end of the story using a pair of pants, it got us thinking about other things he could perhaps use for a pair of wings. We drew a picture of what we thought would make a great pair of wings for him.

We also created these…

We tried to create repeating spiral patterns for his shell like above.


We have been doing lots of quick fire maths games to kick us off. Answering questions linked to doubling, one more and one less than numbers to 20, and adding/subtracting single digits.

Some of us have also been counting in 2’s to 20. We clapped these has we said them first. We then also completed these below. You could print them off and have a go too.

The sheet below we cut up for the children first. Then they had to put it together like a jigsaw. We then turned our paper over and tried to write the 2’s numbers to 20 independently.

Others in class had a go at these too..


We have been working a lot on sentences this week. We were trying hard to make sure we…

    • used finger spaces between our words
    • formed our letters correctly
    • used our phase 3 phonic knowledge to spell longer words we wanted to write.

First of all, we wrote all about our design for Norman’s new wings. We also watched some films online about slugs and snail, and then wrote about what we had learnt about them. Please don’t forget to keep working on your digraph/trigraph knowledge. Use the phase 3 mat below and see how many words you can write for each of the digraphs/trigraphs. For example, ‘igh’ trigraph – light, night, sight.

    Then write sentences with some of the words in too. For example, “The cow was on the farm”  “The light was on in my room”.
    Bye for now and keep going. You are doing a brilliant job.
    Love Mrs Marrriott & Mrs Briggs x


Wrens Learn the ‘Superworm’ song

As our learning has been around the story book ‘Superworm’ this week, we decided to learn this song.





Home Learning – Wrens w/b 22/6/20

Hi everyone,

this week in school we have been basing a lot of our learning around the book ‘Superworm’. You can listen to it here if you don’t have it.


In literacy, we went on a digraph/trigraph hunt outside. You could make your own cards using scrap paper and the mat below. You could then get an adult to hide them outside, and then you go and find them. Every time you find one tick them off your mat. See below.

We then had a go at writing one word for each digraph and trigraph. e.g ‘ch’ = chip  ‘igh’ = night

We also read the story ‘Superworm’ then tried to create a new page for the book. What else could ‘Superworm’ be used for? He was used as a belt, a hat and a skipping rope etc. Can you think of another use for him? Write some sentences to create your own page or pages for the story book ‘Superworm’.

We also learnt about Earthworms, by watching youtube clips, and PowerPoints. Then we completed our charts below.

Creating these…


This week we have been working on halving.

We watched a halving story first.

We then used hoops and markers/bottle lids outside to halve amounts said. For example half of 2. Children found 2 lids/cones and then had to share them between the two hoops. We repeated this with different amounts up to 12.

or you can using these halving mats and objects.

Understanding the word

We have been learning about the life cycle of a worm, and creating wormeries. We created a life cycle of a worm hat to wear, whilst we sang our ‘Superworm’ song

see link below for the ‘Superworm’ song.


We have been busy making our own ‘Superworms’ too. like these below. We cut their body out of card, and then wrapped wool around them, creating a repeating pattern on them. We then made them red capes too.

We made pipe cleaner worms too.

We have also learnt to sing this song.

Have fun!

Love Mrs Marriott & Mrs Briggs

We love learning outdoors!

We went on a digraph and trigraph hunt.

We then came inside and had to think of one word for each of the digraphs and trigraphs that we found.

In maths this week we have been learning about halving amounts. We used hula hoops, lids and markers to help us work out the answer.


Happy Father’s Day from Wrens

Here we are singing to our Daddies for Father’s Day.


Have a good day

Everyone x


Week beginning 15/6/20 – Wrens Home Learning

Hi everyone,

what has happened to the weather?  Well the plants will appreciate it and some of the minibeasts.

Our learning this week has been based around the story book ‘The Bad-Tempered Ladybird’ by Eric Carle.

If you haven’t got the book, here is a link to listen to some one reading it on you tube.


We have been busy learning more about time.

We made these ladybird clocks to use. You could print it off and make one too.

We revisited O’clock, half past, and then worked on quarter past and quarter to. We coloured the long hand blue (minute) and the shorter one red (hour) to help us in class. You could ask your child then to make the time said by you.


We went on a tricky word hunt outside. We put the words up outside and the children had to find them and tick them off. We then read them to each other in class, to share what we had found. We then had a go at spelling them too. Click on the link to print the lists off.

tricky word hunt

We then wrote about what made us a bit grouchy like ‘The Bad Tempered Ladybird’. We worked hard to write sentences with finger spaces, using our digraph knowledge to spell words phonetically and to form our letters correctly.

We wrote a book review for the book too. Here is the link below for that.


Craft Activities

We made ladybirds out of paper plates

We made hats using different coloured card.

We made sun catchers using tissue paper and card.

Knowledge and Understanding of the World

We are going to be learning about the parts of the ladybird too.

We managed to find some ladybirds too, at the beginning of the week, and count their spots.

We hope you have fun with these activities.

Bye for now.

Mrs Marriott & Mrs Briggs x


Learning, whilst keeping at a distance!

We have been on a tricky word hunt. We then read back some of the words we found to each other, and to our teachers.

We played what time is it Mr Wolf, as we have been learning about time. We have even tried to learn quarter past and quarter to. We then had a race to the other end of the hall, working in pairs at a social distance. Our partner had to try to not touch the hoop with their feet, as their partner pulled it along.

We also tried to control balls around obstacles too.

Why not give these activities a try at home?

Love lots Mrs Marriott & Mrs Briggs x




Learning about Minibeasts – Wk 2 in Wrens

Hi everyone, the weather certainly has taken a turn. Hopefully the sun will return soon. I hope everyone is ok, and thank you again for the fabulous photos being sent in.

It is also great to see so many children are still keeping up with their reading on Active Learn. A big well done for that.

I hope you have had time to watch our ‘Minibeast” video, and maybe even sang along to it.

Well, here are a few other things we have been doing at school you might want to have a go at.

Obviously sticking with the “Minibeast” them, as we are mad about them!

Maths Ideas

We have been working on doubling numbers 1 to 10.

t-c-254575-ladybird-doubles-to-10-activity-sheet T-N-4571-Doubles-to-20-Ladybird-Activity-Sheet-Mixed-Up

Using our doubles knowledge to answer these number sentences.

Craft Ideas

Creating our own spiders webs.

Creating minibeasts using natural materials from our woodland area.

Drawing ourselves as an entomologist.


Knowledge and Understanding of the World

We’ve learnt about the life cycle of a butterfly.

life cycle but


Completing facts about minibeasts using templates like this one for bees,

and writing sentences about which minibeast we would be and why. We used the writing paper below, but please put lines across it to help your child keep their writing neat, and in a line.

We also found this activity pack really good. Ideal for those rainy days.


Keep up the great work everyone!

Love Mrs Marriott & Mrs Briggs x

If I Were A Minibeast Sing Along

Hi all,

we have learnt this song and put some actions to it. Why not sing and dance along at home?

Have fun!


Wrens are ‘Mad About Minibeasts’

Good morning everyone,

I do hope you are all well, and are still enjoying using Active Learn and the School Jam maths app. Don’t forget to use the National Oak too.

It’s great to receive photos of you all busy learning at home. It really does make us smile, so keep up the great work everyone, and keep those photos coming!

In school we are planning our learning around the book ‘Mad About Minibeasts’.

Here are a few of things which we have been doing. I thought you also might like to have a go at these at home.

We are learning to sing this song…..

We are then going to try and make a little dance up to go with it. Watch this space!

We have also been making these minibeasts too.

We used paper plates, card and felt pens for the caterpillar.

We used card and felt pens for the snails.

We are also going to be painting our own ladybird pebbles tomorrow (Friday).

We played a game called ‘What am I? too. Why not try and play along at home? Here is the link for that.

We then chose a minibeast and tried writing some facts about it. Then we played our own game of guess the minibeast!

You could go on a minibeast hunt too.


I have been using this website to get materials to support our learning about ‘Minibeasts’

We will keep sharing some of the things we have been doing at school on here. Take care everyone, and I will be in touch again soon x

Mrs Marriott x