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Key Information – Returning to School

We can’t wait to welcome you all back!

Please click the links below to read the latest updates about returning to school. These letters will tell you everything you need to know, but remember that you can also read lots about your new teacher by clicking on “Our School” and “Staff”; we’ll soon be adding some extra information about your class routines on the website too.

Letter to Parents – arrangements for September

Risk assessment – September 2020

Click below to watch a quick video message from Mr Wirth:


The results are in!

What an incredible effort! We have been overwhelmed with pictures and scores from all of our fantastic children taking part at home. Very well done everyone! I am SO proud of our wonderful school community.

After counting all of the scores from home and school, this year’s Sports Day champions are…


The final scores were as follows:

Rowan (Red): 7235
Oak (Green): 7099
Beech (Yellow): 6835
Ash (Blue): 6792


It’s time for Sports Day!

Before you start, make sure you’re wearing your team colours. Ask a grown-up to take a picture of you doing an activity; if they email it to you’ll get 5 extra points!

Here’s how it works

There are eight activities to have a go at and you can do them at any time today, to suit you and your grown-ups. Once you’ve done them, ask your adult to send your total score to On Tuesday morning, we’ll add up all the scores from school and home, then announce the winning team on the website.

Some of the activities can be done without any equipment. For others, you’ll be able to use things you can find around the house. Ask a grown-up for help with this.

For some of the activities, you’ll need to run (or waddle!) between two cones. Of course, you could use something like jumpers or shoes instead, but we’ll call them cones in these instructions. Try to find a space where you can set these up 5 metres apart (5 big adult steps will do fine). Your adult will need to time you for most activities.

Activity 1 – Shuttle Runs

Time – 30 seconds

Run between the cones as many times as you can!

1 point for each length.

Activity 2 – Coin Waddle

Time – 1 minute

Hold a coin between your knees. No hands allowed! Waddle between the cones as many times as you can.

5 points for each length.

Activity 3 – Speed Bounce

Time – 30 seconds

Place a stick / skipping rope etc. on the ground. Jump over it as many times as you can, keeping your feet together.

1 point for each jump.

Activity 4 – Balance Race

Time – 1 minute

Balance some rolled up socks on your head (you could use something similar – we’ll use bean bags in school). Walk between the cones as many times as you can. No hands allowed!

5 points for each length.

Activity 5 – Bottle Flip!

Time – 1 minute

Can you flip a bottle? You could use your school water bottle or any plastic drinks bottle. Fill about a quarter of it with water and try to flip it so that it lands standing up.

10 points if you manage to do it!

Activity 6 – Egg and Spoon Race

Time – 1 minute

It wouldn’t be sports day without the egg and spoon race! You could use a real egg, but please check with your grown-ups first! Otherwise, it could be anything you can fit on a spoon. Some good ideas are a potato, a ball or a small toy. (I quite like the sound of the potato and spoon race!)

5 points for each length.

Activity 7 – Bowls

No time limit

Lay out a towel on the floor and stand two metres (two big adult steps) away. People at home get the fun job on this one! Roll a toilet roll and see if you can make it land on the towel. You can have 5 goes. We’ll be using balls in school so you could do that if you’d prefer.

5 points for each roll that lands on the towel.

Activity 8 – Bean Can Lunge

Time – 1 minute

This one might be tricky but it should be good fun! Hold a tin of beans, or something similar. Walk between your cones in lunges (ask your grown-up if you’re not sure how). Each time you lunge, pass the tin between your legs.

5 points for each length.

That’s it! Don’t worry if you don’t have chance to do all the activities – any you can do will earn points for your team.

Have fun!

Lockdown Stories – Penguin in Peril

Good afternoon everyone. Here’s the third of our lockdown stories – this time from the school library. This is ‘Penguin in Peril’ by Helen Hancocks. I hope you enjoy it!

Lockdown Stories – The Way Home for Wolf

This week’s story is The Way Home for Wolf – another one by Rachel Bright and Jim Field. Can you see any similarities between this and The Lion Inside? I think the illustrations in this book are beautiful. I hope you enjoy it!

Lockdown Stories – The Lion Inside

Because some of our children are in school and others are at home, we wanted something we could all share together. Each week for the rest of lockdown we’ll upload a new story, read from somewhere in school, so you can feel like you’re with us even if you’re not. Our first story is at The Lion Inside by Rachel Bright, illustrated by Jim Field. Enjoy!

Welcome Back to Children Returning 1st June

If your child is returning to school on the 1st of June, please share this short video to help them prepare for coming back. Many thanks.

Wrens Maths Activities

Hi all, I hope you’ve all managed to log on now to Active Learn, if not please email school. I will continue to allocate books and phonics games on here, so keep checking on it.

Here are some more maths activity ideas.

Maths Activity 1 – To develop add two single digit numbers using objects to help.

Adult – write some number sentences on pieces of paper.

For example –

3 + 2 =

5 + 2 =

5 + 4 = and so on.

Then your child could use their cars, play people, bricks etc to answer the number sentences given. You could keep changing the number sentences and make them a little more challenging.

See the picture below to help with this.

Math activity that uses toy cars and practices addition.


Maths Activity 2 – Numbers which are ‘More and Less Than’

For example – your child rolls 3 + 3 = 6. Ask your child to tell you a number which is more than 6. Then ask them to tell you a number which is less than this.

Maths Activity 3 – Use this online maths resource.

This site has some fun interactive maths resources, but has also got use useful files to download and print to use too.

Bye for now.

Mrs Marriott x


Coronavirus Updates

We have added a new HOME LEARNING tab to the main menu. Everything that we upload will also appear on the home page, but this tab organises everything by year group. Don’t forget to keep checking the “Ideas for Everyone” page too – there will be plenty of good suggestions appearing on there. Mrs Baird also has some tricks up her sleeve to support our health and wellbeing…

Please click the links below to read the latest updates from school around Coronavirus.

Letter to Parents – arrangements for September

Risk assessment – September 2020

Letter to Y6s 17/07/20

Letter to Children 17/07/20

Letter to Parents and Carers 17/07/20

Sports Day 2020 Letter

Transition Update

Y6 Leavers Letter

Letter to Parents and Carers 02/07/20

Letter to Parents and Carers 18/06/20

Home Learning from 1st June

Arrangements for reopening on 1st June

Letter to Parents and Carers 22/05/20

Letter to Parents – Reopening

Letter to Families 20/04/20

Letter to Parents and Carers 01/04/20

Key Workers Letter

Closure Letter – including home learning and contact details during closure

Home Challenge Leaflet (whole school)

Home Challenge Leaflet (Y6)

School Closure Letter 19/03/20

Free Loan of Musical Instruments 18/03/20

Coronavirus Letter 17/03/20

We will continue to post letters and updates on the website as the situation develops.

Many thanks,

Mr Wirth

Online Safety

As you might expect, online safety forms a key part of our ICT curriculum; it’s undoubtedly one of the biggest issues facing our children as they navigate the modern world and become young adults.

To support the work we do in school, we’d like to point parents and carers towards some valuable resources. Please take the time to explore these links and to discuss online safety with your child. As ever, if you have any concerns or questions, don’t hesitate to contact us in school.

Parent Guides – these guides from National Online Safety are a fantastic way to learn about the latest games, trends, opportunities and risks online. We’ll also send out paper copies of these from time to time.

CEOP – CEOP is the National Crime Agency’s site dedicated to protecting children online.

NSPCC Online Safety – a useful bank of resources

Rotherham Power – Rotherham’s own online safety portal is really worth a read. It pulls together some of the best information available online.

Questions to Start a Conversation – click here to download the poster.